YouTube to remove the public dislike counts

YouTube Tests Removing Public Dislike Counts on Videos

According to a tweet from the authorities at YouTube, we might see a new change in YouTube designs where the public dislike counts won’t be seen on the creator’s video. Moreover, YouTube added that these steps are being taken after the increasing negative impacts on the platform where there have been campaigns of targeted dislikes.

However, the YouTube management has cleared that the creators will still be able to see the number of dislikes on their videos. Also, people still can like or dislike a specific video only that they won’t be able to see the total number of dislikes on a video. The rankings are still based upon these results on the platform. These steps will ensure that the negative vibes on YouTube are less and creators can comfortably share the content.

Understandably, it’s almost similar to the update on Instagram where people won’t be able to see the number of likes however, the test is being refined based on the feedback of users at Instagram over a year. Recently Instagram has been testing a new option where they will let their users choose whether they want to show their likes or not.

YouTube to remove the public dislike counts

The basic reason behind this new change in YouTube is to remove the stress over a competition where people are trying to win the race of more and more likes. Also, they want the public and creators to freely share the content they love without the fear of bad impact.

According to experts, this will help people to post more on YouTube and if we take the testing of Instagram into account this project makes a lot of sense. The management wants to reduce the mental pressure as we all the public likes count a lot and other issues like this have become an important topic in today’s social life.

If we look back at the statement of Twitter CEO in 2018 where he went on to say that the likes on posts are meaningless, which shows that these things can be harmful in multiple ways.

On YouTube, the number of likes and dislikes on a post goes a long way in deciding the quality of the content to some extinct. It’s just the start and nobody has any idea but we all do feel that it’s worth an experiment to see how this impacts the user engagements and behavior. 

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