Why should we use an outbound call centre?

Nowadays, there are many ways to interact with customers like social media platforms, email, web applications, mobile applications, and search engines. For a large group of people, speaking to a real person is preferred, and when you do so, you will get more outcomes for your business.

Call centre types:

There are two types of call agent services, one is an inbound call, and the other is outbound call service. In inbound call service, agents are available for customer support, and to resolve customer’s queries. Outbound call centres use telemarketing, sales, and services. Outsourcing outbound and inbound calls have made big business of call centre.

Outbound call centre:

      Outbound dialing is the cheapest marketing strategy. If you hire a third party for this marketing, it will be cheaper other than you ask your worker to call customers and tell them about your services or product.

Leads and sales:

       if you want to accomplish your goals speedily, you have to use third-party services for telemarketing instead of asking your workers to call clients, as outbound call centers have trained staff who know how to pursue a script, and how to build relations with customers, besides these, they also have enough experience of dealing with all kinds of customers.

Legal requirements in the US:

The majority of outbound call centers makes a call through predictive dialer, which calls several customers, and randomly assigned to the agents, this is productive but having some issues, like if there is not a free agent to receive the call, so in the UK you can’t make a call if there is no free agent available to receive that call. These rules also require a calling line identity rather than making calls through hidden numbers.


      The use of technology in outbound calls is increasing number of calls per hour. There are four types of technologies has been discussed:

  • A power ratio dialer controls call ratio to agent ratio
  • A progressive dialer that determines how many calls have to make
  • A preview dialer keeps a record of previous customers
  • A predictive dialer calls a group of people and assigns to agents

Valuable call centre:

              If you are confused that which call-center you should use to increase your business outcome, then be sure that you are selecting outbound call centre in your targeted area so that customers will talk to a real person who is having the same slang and a similar accent. Keep in mind a pleased customer is beneficial for the business outcome.


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