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Lead Generation From Facebook

It is long debated now whether Facebook paid marketing is a reliable source for lead generation or not. With other effective methods introduced, Facebook ad campaigns are on the decline. But the question arises of how the biggest social media platform plunged through the ranks and what alternatives businesses and entrepreneurs are left with?

Reasons Behind Facebook Paid Campaign Failure


Firstly, money. It’s a simple as that. Facebook ad campaigns are too costly for normal to small size businesses. With limited resources available, companies drain their financial resources on Facebook ads, and because of the low process, they quit the idea in between.  Subsequently, gaining nothing at all and losing a major share of their initial investment. 

Will I be Getting Desired Results?

Do Facebook ad campaigns generate guaranteed results? The answer is a big NO! spending a lot of money on something without knowing the final outcome is a bit of a long shot.

Irrelevant Leads

One major reason for Facebook ads losing their place is irrelevant leads. Finding the right buyer is the real trick behind lead generation, and if you are failing to do so, your efforts are going in vain!

Still, it is not Enough

Even if you find a lead, the work is not done. You have to use extra resources to reach the prospective client and persuade him towards buying your products/services.

Use the Best Lead Generation Option Available

After going through the money-draining process (although we wish you never had to), businesses lookup for a much more reliable and cost-effective method for lead generation. Researchers and artificial intelligence experts at Pixelette Technologies have spent the last 26 months developing an unprecedented marketing tool, “The Marketing Zeus.” It is UNLIKE any other tool ever created and produces guaranteed results. 

Among other techniques, Pixelette Technologies take your competitors out of competition. We will extract your competitors’ followers on social media platforms. Then run data mining tools to shortlist the best possible targets associated with your industry. And, BOOM! We have a list of super-hot leads, but now we have to approach them. For that, we adopt multiple techniques.”

Direct Calling through Calling Agents

We skip all the hassle by contacting the clients directly. Our call agents are well-versed with the script provided by you and altered by our experts to give clients a reason to buy your product/services. 

Email Marketing

Sometimes clients are reluctant on calls, and they need some time to think it over. Our email marketing department reaches new clients and takes follow-ups from prospective buyers already interested. The process ensures clarity for leads generates and finally generates a return on investment!

Social Media Campaigns

As we discussed, paid social media campaigns, especially on Facebook, yield no output; however, a strategic social media campaign can bring organic search traffic to your social media pages and increase inquiries. 

Add the Numbers!

Our single calling agent can approach 150 clients in one day and 750 in a week. If you add up the number, ONE agent can call 3000 prospective buyers in one month! That’s how we do business at Pixelette technologies. 

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