What is the meaning of SEO-friendly content writing?

SEO-friendly content writing

Content that gives information about a topic and a full understanding of that topic to the search engine is known as SEO-friendly content. It helps you to rank your website high in search engines.

How to make your content SEO-friendly?

  • Use headlines and sub-headers

            The use of headlines and sub-headers makes your content readable, and people share only that, which is easy to read. It is also easy for bots that crawl your website and focus on the meaningful part of the content.

  • Cinder your audience

            Search for your audience, do surveys, and your analytic software will tell you about your audience, their needs, and which keyword they are searching for.

  • Do original research

            Do original research and use the latest statistics, information, and studies for your content. It is an effective link-building technique to use for SEO-friendly content writing.

  • Create links

            Use backlinks in your content to make it rank high in the search engines. If you want more traffic on your page, then link your older posts with newer posts, which helps crawlers and people to find your content. Linking with high reputed websites increases your website’s rank. Using credible links in your content body creates trust among readers.

  • Optimize content length

Have a look at Google Analytics reports that tell which content generates the highest traffic on your website and which generates high conversions like signups for your website. Then use the information that works better for your niche.

  • Use your keyword

            Some people start writing and leave the search engine optimization for the last moment, while others start by writing down the keywords first that they want to cover in their stream.

  • Optimize your images

Pictures are essential to make your content readable and shareable. Pictures that are too large affect the website’s load time, which hurts search engine optimization. So also optimize the size of the image. Many free tools resize your images without compromising on the quality.

  • Make it shareable content

            As you are doing SEO-friendly content writing, also make it shareable for the readers by just putting the social media handles to share your content.

  • High-quality content

Use high-quality content to make it readable and engaging for the audience. Relevant and meaningful content ranks high in the search engines. Quality is always the main priority. So, have a good idea of the keyword and write your content accordingly. A

  • Content optimization tools

            Using a free online tool can help you find out grammatical mistakes, excessive use of passive voice, and difficult-to-read sentences. Articles that are error-free, highly readable, and shareable are best for search engine optimization.

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