The background

Kimarchie Healthcare Ltd provides care throughout the UK through its health and social care services. Providing quality care and supportive living services to their clients, including accommodation, is what they strive for. As part of their commitment to providing people with quality care in a safe and compassionate environment, they work closely with national health care bodies.


The primary goal of Pixelette Technologies was to accomplish their objective which was to meet all the requirements set by our client. They wanted their website functionalities to speak about their business when a visitor visits their site. Our highly-skilled developers meticulously worked with our clients to bring the best results.

Technologies and framework

When we took over this project, our developers used their unique and different technologies to develop the website’s front-end and back-end. Hence, the WordPress platform was used as a source to develop their website.

The process

As a result of an innovative workflow, our web development experts were able to identify the customer’s needs, analyse their market, and then develop a website that met all the unique requirements set by our clients.

Key functionality

Seamless UI/UX


Interactive dashboard

Online assessment


To meet all the requirements of our client, we used the WordPress framework as our major source. Additionally, we added key elements such as appointment setting, online care features, and a referral system to their website. Our efforts resulted in a hands-on website for them.

The feedback by the Client