The background

Honey Badger is an e-commerce brand that sells a wide variety of smoking equipment through its website. Honey Badger prides itself on quality and prioritising the customer’s experience. Honey Badger’s values include the insurance of high quality, nominal pricing, and timely deliveries.


For this project, the main challenge presented to us was ensuring that the website offered all the latest functionalities in an effective and engaging e-commerce platform. We were challenged with creating the ideal shopping experience for visitors, ensuring that the website’s user experience was prioritised during the design phase.

Technologies and framework

In developing this project, our web development experts integrated two technologies, one for developing the front-end and back-end of the website and one for taking care of the e-commerce functionalities. WordPress was used to develop the front-end and back-end of the website, while WooCommerce was integrated as an e-commerce framework for the website

The process

With the help of a unique workflow, our web developers can understand the client’s needs, analyse their market, and design a website that meets their needs most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Key functionality

WooCommerce integration

Payment gateway via PayPal

A user-friendly interface

Product listing function


Our team of web development experts integrated WooCommerce into the Honey Badger website as the main framework for the e-commerce functionalities of the website. They created a seamless experience for visitors, offering unique features that emphasised interactivity and engagement for visitors. PayPal was also used as the primary medium for payment gateway integration.

The feedback by the Client