Why Web Application Development is important?

Why Web Application Development So Important?

Web applications are also called web apps, and these are computer programs that run on web browsers.

In most cases, you do not need to download a standalone program to use it. Web application development is the process of creating a web app.

This process is linked closely to web browsers.

Not all browsers can run every web app. Examples of web applications include Gmail, Facebook, Google Docs and Office 365.

Process of Web Application Development:

The web application development process is straightforward:

Define Your Problem

All you need to do is tell us your requirements, and our web application development team will figure out a suitable and tailored solution for you.

Mapping the Workflow

At this stage, our team plans out a solution to the problem using the web application. Here we define all the steps necessary to create a solution to the problem.

Create a Prototype Structure

For testing, we create a prototype of the application, and your user feedback is collected, and it helps us identify issues that need fixing.

Framework and Tool Selection

Our team selects suitable tools and frameworks for the applications. All applications cannot use the same framework, and our team makes the selection for you!

Building the Application

We use three main components to build the final application.

  • Front-end: The appearance and the skeletal structure of your application.
  • Back-end: Connections between front-end and database along with user authentication.
  • Database: The database stores user data and the type of data your web application can use is also selected here.

Reasons to Have a Web Application

Web applications have increased in popularity over the years because of the benefits they provide. Here’s why you should use our web application development services.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Firstly, web applications can run on any device that supports web browsers.

Therefore, this eliminates the need for web application development for multiple platforms.

Almost every modern device supports a web browser, and even cars these days have in-built browsers!

No Downloads Required

Web applications powered by Pixelette Technologies can run as fully-fledged applications on web browsers.

You need to navigate to the web application to use it. No downloads are needed!

Does Not Need App Store Approvals

Mobile application stores such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store often reject apps that may not meet requirements.

However, these rules do not bind web applications because they run on web browsers. 

The applications don’t need approval from the application stores. 

Easy to Maintain

The user does not need to update web applications.

As a result, when web applications developed by us get an update, all you need to do is refresh your browser window, and you will be on the latest version immediately—no more waiting around for updates to download and install!


Web Applications are generally cheaper than downloadable applications because they do not require seat licenses for different platforms.

Therefore, no cost associated is with the platform or download requirements. 

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