The Background

Based in West Yorkshire, Airo Bounce is considered a premier hangout spot, offering a wide variety of fun activities, including virtual reality, trampolines, inflatables, soft play, laser tag, and much more. When we received the project, their website had several technical issues we were tasked with dealing with.


At the start of this project, the client had unique requirements that needed to be met in terms of their website. They requested an interactive and engaging website that reflected the “fun” and “recreational” nature of the website. As a result, we were tasked with developing a user-friendly website that reflected the values of Airo Bounce as a business.

Technologies And Framework

While developing this project, we utilised different frameworks in developing the front-end and back-end of the Airo Bounce website. For developing the front-end of the website, our team utilised PHP. Meanwhile, JavaScript was used in the development of the front-end of the website.

The Process

As a web development company, we have developed a unique workflow that allows our team of experts to understand the client’s needs, analyze their market, and create a website that meets their needs perfectly.

Key Functionality

An engaging UI/UX design

A vibrant colour palette

A seamless user-experience

Dedicated pages for services


In order to perfectly translate the client’s vision into a unique website, our team of web development experts designed a custom website, which used a vibrant colour palette to reflect the profile of the business. The website also had a user-friendly and engaging interface that provided all the relevant information related to the business and an exciting experience for anyone looking to learn more about the business and what activities they offered.

The feedback by the Client