The Background

Waifu House Empowers NFT Builders & Degens with a Luxury Asset Brand at the IRL level. Waifu House NFT consists of a group of elite Web3 investors that invite you to a party, network, and a chance to earn in real life. You can become part of an exclusive NFT community where everyone’s voice counts, and enjoy free VIP access to luxury physical & digital assets that generate $WAIFU tokens.


We encountered many challenges in developing the blockchain website, including a lack of security, no regulations, and inefficient technological designs. To build the blockchain website, our experts focused on completing all challenges before beginning development.
Technologies &
In the development of Waifu House NFT, the following technologies
and frameworks were used.




Our experts anticipate and determine all possible solutions to these challenges to meet the client’s requirements, and create a ledger for limited access to avoid outside interference. A section of implementing regulations for accessing the data or information was also added, covering all the loopholes and coding flaws to avoid hacking.
After completing all the challenges, we made sure none of them would appear again. Thanks to our blockchain experts, this blockchain website now appears to be in excellent shape and is more secure than ever.

The feedback by the Client