UIUX Case Study

Pixelette Technologies provide a set of remarkable AI-powered web applications to increase the overall flexibility and assist companies in maintaining a synchronized workflow.

Airo Bounce - A Seamless UI/UX


Here’s an example of a UI/UX design for a recreation center based in the United Kingdom. The design of this interface features a unique layout and emphasizes practicality and functionality.

Gowalkie- An Aesthetically Pleasing UI/UX Design


To create an elegant-looking website UI/UX, we use our best techniques to create a seamless user experience. The designs and functionalities on this dashboard reflect a distinct purpose.

Honey Badger - An Engaging Smart Home Dashboard


It is important to consider a few different aspects when designing an engaging UI/UX, including the design, compatibility, and functionality. Here’s an engaging interface design that combines all these elements.

Vidiwellness - An Integrated and Intuitive UI/UX design.


With a simple interface and a unique aesthetic, this herbal remedies website UI/UX design ensures that both the functionality and design are flawless, living up to the requirements set forth by the client on their unique project.

WHO CAN FIX MY CAR - A User-Friendly Dashboard For An Automobile Website


Interactivity and user-friendliness are two of the key aspects of creating a high-quality dashboard. In the following UI/UX design, both practicality and aesthetic value are combined with a unique design.