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Do you want to attract and retain customers? A great UX and UI design will help you accomplish those goals.
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The website’s design and development are the key elements that make the user experience meaningful and enjoyable. In this regard, our UI/UX designers ensure that all the client’s needs are properly met. Additionally, our experts use their credibility and ability to fulfil the client’s requirements.
Our workflow is highly reliant on collaboration between our design team members. We align our ideas with the requirements set forth by the client, creating a feasible solution based on the project’s time and budget. Our UI and UX designers are familiar with what goes into the design and development of an engaging interface, prioritising the practicality and aesthetic of the user interface and merging them into a stunning end result.

Our UI/UX experts will deploy, design and develop an engaging website for your business. Additionally, our designers will make it intuitive and user-friendly with a seamless interface. Implementing the expertise of our UI and UX designers into making sure our design meets all the unique requirements set forth by the client.

What is UX/UI and why is it important for business?
UX (User Experience) design is about how accessible and usable your product is. UI (User Interface) is all about the visual appeal of your product. Both UX and UI are interlinked. Therefore, they can either result in attracting people to your business or turn them away.
Our UX/UI services

Tailored UX/UI solutions

We create a UX/UI solution that aligns the client's requirements with the end user. Our UX/UI experts can help improve the design of existing products or create new ones. This includes web or mobile applications, e-commerce platforms along with other software products.

UX/UI analysis

We evaluate our client’s product(s) to baseline the current state and viability. Our specialists do a competitive analysis and employ various research techniques, including user interviews and testing. They also identify areas of strength and further improvement.

High-fidelity prototype

Before design and development, our UX/UI specialists assist you by creating a solid product prototype, which is subject to testing. This approach allows a more financially efficient development process, giving our clients more value in terms of time, effort, and quality of the final product.

Cross-platform compatibility

We create responsive and cross-platform compatible designs, focusing on the fundamentals of UI design and functionality implementation to ensure that it functions on various platforms.

Why choose Pixelette Technologies for your next UX/UI project?
Competitive prices
Our competitive pricing and flexible approach reflect our commitment to delivering high quality. Thus, giving you a reason to come back to us with new projects.
Collaborative partnership approach
We value our collaborations through which a genuine partnership approach is developed with our clients. Our clients and their needs drive our design process.
Pixel-perfect design
We take pride in producing functional and visually appealing designs. Our success in this area was validated in 2021 when we were added to Clutch’s list of the Top Creative & Design Companies in the UK.
Broad ranging expertise

Our design team has experience of developing different products across a range of industries.

Our UX/UI design approach

Our UX/UI designers research both the product and the market to ensure that the client as well as the end user goals are aligned, resulting in an agreed roadmap with clear timelines. This process helps to understand how we can strengthen brand awareness, improve interaction and user satisfaction, for example.

Prototyping is a critical stage of the process. Mockups, prototypes, wireframes, and animations allow us to visualise complicated ideas and apply them into practice. To visualise our UX/UI strategy, we create wireframes. This aligns the product vision and the technical capabilities. This is presented to the client for testing.
As part of our client-centric approach, we are continuously collecting relevant data. This data is analysed and used to inform the UX/UI design alongside the functionality. We design every element of the UX/UI design. These elements include buttons, icons, colour schemes, and typography. Our experts dedicate themselves to ensuring the client requirements are achieved.
An interactive UX/UI design leads to a higher conversion rate and user satisfaction. We conduct regular UI/UX quality audits to enhance the layout and interactivity of the design. Our experts review user flow in the existing design during the audit to flag usability issues.
Once all development stages have been completed, our team and the client is assured that the product is ready for deployment. Post product deployment support is available should that be required.
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What we offer
What are the benefits of working with PIXELETTE TECHNOLOGIES? There are quite a few things that make our customers choose our services over and over again.

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Seamless user experience

Great value for the money

Visible business results

Improved brand image

A collaborative and friendly team

Consistent quality assurance

Helpful customer service

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UX Design. What is our ROI?

90% of the digital products and companies we design increase their sales by 50% in the following calendar year.

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50% of the products we design have become leaders in their market segment.

Frequently ask questions
On request, we can send you a link that will take you to our design portfolio.

We always aim to be responsive to our clients. We will not take on work that we cannot commit to.

This depends on how complex the requirements are. We can give firm timescales once we know what the task is.

We will align our UX/UI experts along with a dedicated account manager who will be in place throughout the project lifecycle. 

As our client base is global, we use platforms such as Zoom to interact with clients. We can also agree on other approaches to meet the client’s needs. We aim to have a minimum of fortnightly meetings to review progress.