5 High ranking web development companies of 2020

Top Web Development Companies of 2020

As technology progresses and moves on to transform human interaction and the way they perform their everyday tasks, website development has become more and more important. Countless web development companies have been established to provide website development services to individuals, businesses, and other organizations.

Arguably, the top website development companies in 2020 are listed below. The numbering doesn’t represent company ranking in this list.


AndPlus was established in 2009 and has managed to become one of the top website development companies in the world. The company is said to believe in continuous communication with its clients and partners to provide top-quality products.

They have been working with some of the most successful companies in the world, and start-ups. Their only mission is to help businesses of all levels in maximizing their profits. For this purpose, they use some of the most modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning.


Xfive is working in the field of Information Technology since 2005 and develops business and creative websites, mobile apps, and other e-commerce websites for its clients. The company has been working with established businesses, start-ups, and other organizations.

It is known for its creative, skillful, and flexible team that is ready to take up any challenge at any time. It is best known for e-commerce web development and that’s why eBay is one company’s former clients. With an amazing portfolio, there is no doubt that Xfive deserves to be one of the top web development companies in the world.


Specializing in web and app designing, development, and testing, STRV is a world-class website development company. It is one of the top web development companies because of its skillful and expert developers. STRV mostly works with clients from the financial services, e-commerce, and education sector, and delivers more than 70 mobile and web apps to its clients every year.

Urban Insight

Emerging in 2000, Urban Insight has completed and successfully launched more than 500 projects for its clients. The company and its professional developers are responsible to design and develop websites and framing digital strategies for its clients. Innovation and dependability is the key to a company’s success and they have made it able to be included in the top website development companies in the world.

3 Media Web

3 Media Web doesn’t have a very big team of professionals but the services it provides are some of the most significant in the modern digital world. With only 20 employees, the company provides services like web design and development, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing. Simplicity is the secret to its success as it provides simple solutions to employees that actually work.

One example of simple software solutions 3 Media Web provides is that it mostly uses WordPress and Woo Commerce to design and develop a fully functional and effective e-commerce website.