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Top 6 Cyber Security Managed Services for Small-sized Businesses

  • 24/7 Threat Monitoring

Security is an eternal and continuous process, and so is cyber-security. Security companies provide 24/7 threat monitoring to save your business from an unexpected cyber-attack.

  • Firewall Management

Firewalls play an important role in ensuring cyber-security. Managed security providers, install and manage these firewalls to keep the security system intact.

  • Patch Management

Every security system needs updates and patch management by IT companies that keep the cyber-security systems updated with new codes to fix the vulnerabilities in the security system.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

There are almost always vulnerabilities in every security system. Managed security providers take the responsibility of assessing the vulnerabilities in the system to fix them in time.

  • Incident Response

No matter how effective your cyber-security system is, you may fall prey to cyber-attacks, and security companies are here to respond in emergency and crisis situations.

  • Security Audits

Audits are a great way to improve the performance of any company or system. Managed security service providers audit the security systems to keep them updated and fix the possible issues.

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There is no online business that is secure from cyber threats or data breaches, which is why IT companies are here to provide cyber-security managed services to small, medium, and large businesses.

These companies have multiple services to provide to the businesses and make their services and procedures secure. Managed cyber-security services may range from 24/7 threat monitoring to auditing the security system and its performance to make the business more secure.

Pixelette Technologies UK, as a leading IT services provider company, has some of the best cyber-security services for its clients and partners. It provides firewalls to businesses and keeps these firewalls updated for better and optimum security.

The company makes sure to prevent intrusion with its effective threat monitoring and vulnerability assessment. What makes Pixelette Technologies UK’s security services more effective is its security audit services.

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