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Top 5 Cyber-security Experts in the US you can follow on Social Media

cyber-security experts in the US

Cyber-security is the most crucial issue in the modern world of technology as almost every human activity has moved over to the internet. Every other organization is hiring cyber-security experts to make their organizational procedures and data more secure. This piece of writing will discuss some of the best cyber-security experts in the US who use social media and you can follow them to take benefit of their expertise and opinion that they share online. All these experts have worked with some of the most prestigious private and public organizations and provided them with the most effective cyber-security plans.

  1. Theresa Payton

Theresa Payton is always highly ranked among all the cyber-security experts around the world. She has served as the White House Chief Information Officer from 2006 to 2008. She was the first lady to serve the White House as a Chief Information Officer. At present, she is the CEO of Fortalice, one of the most dynamic cyber-security firms.

  1. Lydia Leong

One of the most well-known researchers and cyber-security experts in the US, Lydia has an experience of around 23 years in the field of IT and cloud computing. She researches on a broad range of topics related to cloud computing and cyber-security and writes the most informative and important papers on these topics.

  1. Brian Krebs

A researcher, blogger, author, and expert cyber-security reporter, Brain Krebs knows everything about cyber-crimes, spams, phishing, and data breaches. He has served as a journalist in Washington Post but is an independent investigative writer now. He writes about cyber-crimes, privacy, and security. Brian has been visiting several ATMs around to locate and report skimmers inside those ATMs.

  1. Bruce Schneider

Bruce Schneider is known around the world as a security technologist and author is one of the best cyber-security experts in the US. The Economist has named him as a ‘security guru’ for his unmatched research and writings about cyber-security and cryptography. He is an author of multiple books about these topics. His research and books have made him popular on Radio and Television where he shares his experience and expertise about the topic.

  1. Joseph Steinberg

Joseph Steinberg is in the field of IT for more than 20 years. His major focus is on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to provide cyber-security solutions to businesses and organizations. He holds some of the most distinguished security certificates, such as CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, and CSSLP, that a very few people around the world have been successful to acquire.

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