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Pixelette Technologies offers premier tokenization services to assist clients in monetizing their assets. Utilising the capabilities of blockchain technology, we enable fractional ownership of valuable assets, making them more accessible while also providing a means to liquidate assets.
Our tokenization services
Pixelette Technologies offers premier tokenization services to assist clients in monetising their assets. Utilising the capabilities of blockchain technology, we enable fractional ownership of valuable assets, making them more accessible while also providing a means to liquidate assets.

Tokenization of assets

Pixelette Technologies offers comprehensive tokenization services for various assets, including custom token creation, platform development, compliance and investor relations. Our team ensures secure, transparent, and efficient tokenization. This increases liquidity and provides greater transparency for both investors as well as asset owners. Our experience includes tokenizing different assets such as real estate, artwork and collectibles.

Tokenization of securities

We specialise in converting traditional securities such as stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments into digital tokens on a blockchain. Our services include providing the necessary infrastructure and tools for securities tokenization, making it easier for businesses and investors to access new markets aside from liquidity pools.

Tokenization of loyalty points

Our team offers businesses the necessary infrastructure for tokenizing loyalty points, ensuring security, transparency and ease of integration with existing loyalty programs. Tokenization allows for greater flexibility and portability, enabling customers to easily redeem them with any partner that accepts the specific token.

Utility tokenization

Pixelette Technologies offers utility tokenization, converting assets or services into digital tokens on a blockchain, allowing them to be accessed with these tokens. We provide the necessary infrastructure along with the tools for businesses to tokenize their assets and services in a secure, transparent and tamper-proof way, tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Custom token development

We offer custom token development services for businesses launching their own tokens for specific use cases not covered under any other heading. We will design and create the token. Then, we will develop the necessary infrastructure and integrate it with existing systems and platforms.

Tokenization solutions
In addition to our tokenization services, our advanced tokenization solutions cover a variety of use cases.
Therefore, our team is fully capable of delivering the exact requirements of your enterprise.

ICO token platform

We provide top-notch tokenization services to turn assets into liquid, tradeable tokens using blockchain technology. Our solutions enable fractional ownership of valuable assets, making them more accessible and cost-effective for a wider range of investors.

Security token platform

Security token platforms provide access to restricted assets, enabling tokenization of securities such as luxury cars, real estate, and company stock. These equity tokens provide partial ownership without the need for utility. Invest in these platforms to diversify your portfolio and gain access to exclusive opportunities.

Asset tokenization platform

Transform liabilities into assets using our platform, making them more liquid and easily convertible to cash. Our developed platforms enable companies and individuals to issue tokens representing fractional ownership of the asset being tokenized. This provides a new avenue for monetisation.

Tech stack
Tokenization of
digital assets
Tokenization uses blockchain technology to divide assets into smaller units, enabling community ownership and control. This decentralisation ensures fairness and democracy in asset ownership. It empowers investors, creditors, and others to share in benefits as well as the profits. Pixelette Technologies offers tokenization services to businesses and individuals.
Benefits of tokenizing
digital assets
Pixelette Technologies uses advanced blockchain technology to secure tokenized assets. Tokens are securely stored on the blockchain and fully encrypted, providing robust protection against hacking and cyber attacks. Our platform employs the latest security standards, making it virtually impossible for malicious actors to access or compromise your assets.
Tokenization of digital assets through blockchain technology provides full transparency and tamper-proof records, increasing trust as well as security between buyers and sellers. It offers a level of transparency that helps in managing and auditing the assets. It is also useful in industries such as finance, real estate and supply chain management.
Fast transactions
Blockchain technology allows for decentralised, peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with minimal fees. These are further streamlined by the use of smart contracts. It eliminates intermediaries and allows for more efficient, cost-effective and direct control over digital assets.
Asset divisibility
Asset tokenization allows for the division of expensive assets into smaller, more accessible units, enabling fractional ownership and higher liquidity. This removes barriers to entry and allows a wider range of investors to participate in high-value assets, while maintaining the potential for a high return on investment.
Why tokenize your assets with us?
Pixelette Technologies is well-equipped with the state-of-the-art technology for tokenizing your assets. Our access
to these conveniences is reinforced by our outstanding experience and awareness in all the latest technological trends.
A renowned industry leader
Pixelette Technologies is a recognised name in the tokenization industry. We are known for our excellence in providing top-notch development services. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has earned us numerous accolades as well as a loyal client base.
Multi currency support
Our tokenization platforms offer support for multiple real-world currencies and cryptocurrencies, enabling seamless transactions for our clients. This allows for easy integration with traditional financial systems, making it more accessible and convenient for them to use tokenized assets.
By making our code open source, we offer transparency to all of our potential clients. This builds an all-new level of trust and credibility within our industry.
We pride ourselves on being one of the most cost-effective tokenization development companies globally, providing high-quality solutions at an accessible price point.
Fully customisable packages
We offer fully customizable tokenization development services to meet the unique needs of each client, with a wide range of offerings to cater to various requirements and budgets.
Business growth guaranteed
Our cost-effective tokenization development services have consistently delivered results, resulting in significant business growth for our clients. Utilise our services for a guaranteed business growth.
Our approach to delivery

Pixelette Technologies follows a systemic approach to completing tokenization projects right on time. Our approach
to delivery follows different stages. This makes for a well-organised method to deliver high-quality solutions for your business.


Planning &

This phase involves defining the project scope, its goals, conducting market research, identifying the target audience and their needs. We create a project plan and timeline. This ensures that the project is well thought-out and all stakeholders are aware of the direction and the goals of the project.


Design &

At this stage, we create wireframes and mockups, designing the platform’s visual elements, developing a responsive design and obtaining approval from the stakeholders on the design along with the wireframes before proceeding to the next phase. This phase sets the foundation for the visual appearance and user experience of the project.



Our team builds the tokenization platform with a robust and secure content management system (CMS). The features and functionality are implemented. Testing is also done to remove bugs and compatibility issues. We also develop a system to manage and track user’s assets as well as their transactions.


Quality assurance

This phase includes conducting thorough testing of the platform’s functionality, usability, and performance. This stage ensures that the platform is responsive, accessible and meets relevant standards. Our team also verifies that everything is secure and complies with data privacy regulations. Most importantly, we obtain approval from the stakeholders on the development before proceeding to the next step.


Deployment &

This phase includes deploying the website to the production environment. Our team performs website optimisation for search engines, provides training and support for the website’s users. We regularly update and maintain the website to ensure optimal performance and security. We also monitor the website’s analytics and user feedback to identify areas for improvement so that we can implement the necessary changes. This phase ensures that the website is live and is continuously being improved to meet the needs of its users.
Awards & Recognitions
Pixelette Technologies is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence. We blend cutting-edge ideas with our wealth of experience to craft solutions that drive real-world success. We pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable, innovative and exceptional blockchain solution providers in the industry.
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