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TikTok is Testing a New Playlist Feature

TikTok adds playlists to its platform

At the end of last week, TikTok began rolling out its playlist feature. Using playlists, users will be able to create themed collections of videos. Playlists are a great way to increase viewer engagement on the platform. The feature is not available for everyone yet. Only a select few creators, such as TikTok influencer Jera Foster-Fell have access to playlists at the time.

Creating TikTok Playlists

Jera Foster-Fell, who goes by @jera.bean on TikTok, posted an example of a playlist and asked her audience whether they had the feature or not. Creating a playlist is pretty straightforward. You need to tap on the “Sort videos into playlist’ option above the video display on your profile. After that, you can name the playlist and add videos to it. However, there are a few limitations in place:

  1. The playlist name can only have a maximum of 15 characters.
  2. You can only add public videos to a playlist.
  3. Each clip can be added to one playlist at a time.

TikTok adds playlists to its platform

Benefits of Having Playlists on TikTok

With the introduction of playlists, users get the ability to create episodic content catering to a theme. Furthermore, creators can make tutorials with videos in a particular sequence. You can set up playlists in a way that makes users coming back for more. Having each clip carry over to the next is a great way to boost user engagement. Apart from sequential videos, having cliffhangers in playlists is a great way to make users eagerly wait for new content.

Availability of Playlists

The playlist feature is only available for a few creators for now. TikTok has not commented on the availability for other users yet. However, they confirmed that the feature is only being tested on business and creator accounts for now.

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