TikTok collaborates with TSPA to ensure support

TikTok Aims To Minimize The Negative Impacts of Its App

TikTok collaborates with TSPA to ensure support
TikTok collaborates with TSPA to ensure support

TikTok recently announced a new partnership with the Trust and Safety Professional Association (TSPA) as part of its ongoing efforts to protect and improve its product safety tools and processes.

As part of this program, all moderators at TikTok will have access to support, training, and resources to help them improve their knowledge of industry trends while also ensuring that they have access to resources to help them deal with the challenges of the role. 

TikTok Collaborates

TikTok said: “Our partnership with TSPA reflects TikTok deep commitment to the careers and well-being of our trust and safe employees. Our support of TSPA will also enhance the TikTok community by helping us continue to learn and iterate upon our approach to keeping people safe.”

The app has been under fire for a number of controversies, many of which stemmed from its rapid growth, but TikTok has recently strengthened its safety tools and resources.

The New York Times reported last year that more than one-third of US TikTok users are under 14 years of age, which is especially critical.

Thus, the app could have a strong impact on vulnerable and susceptible individuals – which, as with Instagram, could have a significant mental health impact and lead to developmental issues due to the experiences related to the visual-focused app.

TikTok Banned in Different Countries

Since 2012, TikTok has been banned in India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh because of various content concerns, while it has also been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars over inadequate protection for young users.

In addition, the app is also under investigation in Italy because a girl who participated in a TikTok trend died, and EU regulators have begun to examine the app to determine what action they will take moving forward.

This is why the partnership with TSPA is so important, both internally and externally.  As the application approaches a billion users soon, the workload surrounding these elements will only increase, which is why this new partnership is so vital.

There is significant evidence that the moderators of social media platforms are often required to explain graphic, confrontational content daily and lack adequate policies for dealing with ongoing negative impacts.

As a result of this new partnership, TikTok will likely improve on both fronts and will be able to provide more guidance on its building process.


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