Tantrum Patrol - Behavior Solution Application

Tantrum Patrol identified the need for a digital aid in child behavior management and collaborated with Pixelette Technologies to create a supportive mobile application.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies developed the Tantrum Patrol app, a behavior solution tool designed to support parents and caregivers. This app provides a Tantrum Team, behavior trackers, and a community of experts and parents, all accessible with just a touch of a button.


Project Objective

  • To build an app that offers real-time support and resources for managing child behavior.
  • Connect users with a community of experts and parents.


  • Developing an intuitive system for behavior management.
  • Creating a reliable and accessible support network.

Solutions by Pixelette Technologies

  • Designed the Tantrum Team Alert System for immediate assistance.
  • Developed behavior trackers and management tools.
  • Built a platform connecting users with a community of experts and parents.


  • The app received positive reception for its practical tools and supportive community.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in assisting caregivers in child behavior management.


The client commended the app for its comprehensive approach to behavior management and community support.
The Tantrum Patrol app by Pixelette Technologies successfully addressed the challenges in managing child behavior, providing caregivers with valuable tools and community support​​.