Sukuk Capital Mobile Application Development

Sukuk Capital needed a mobile app to expand their investor base and provide easy access to sukuk investment opportunities.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies developed the Sukuk Capital mobile application, a platform that simplifies investments in sukuk for investors. The app provides a secure investment gateway and a user-friendly interface for tracking investments and cash flow.


Project Objective

To create a mobile app that enables sukuk investment, tracking, and management of returns.


  • Building a secure platform for financial transactions.
  • Offering real-time tracking of investments.
  • Attracting diverse investors with a low entry threshold

Pixelette Technologies' Solutions:

  • Implemented top-tier security for safe transactions.
  • Added real-time investment tracking and management features.
  • Set an accessible investment threshold to appeal to a wide range of investors.


  • Attained a significant annual return rate for investors.
  • Attracted a considerable number of investors, benefiting from the low entry point.


The client praised the app’s ease of use and the robust, secure investment platform.
The Sukuk Capital Mobile Application by Pixelette Technologies has successfully offered a secure and user-friendly environment for sukuk investments, indicating the effectiveness of mobile technology in expanding financial opportunities.