STid Mobile ID - Mobile Access Control Solution

STid approached Pixelette Technologies to design a state-of-the-art mobile access control solution, enhancing security measures in various environments.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies undertook the development of STid Mobile ID, an innovative mobile access control solution integrating multiple access modes. This project aimed to enhance security and user convenience, culminating in a multifaceted and user-friendly access control system.


Project Objective

  • Design a mobile application featuring Badge, Slide, Tap Tap, Remote, and Hands-Free Modes for access control.
  • Balance robust security with user-friendly interactions.


  • Implementing high-level security across diverse access modes.
  • Crafting intuitive user experiences within the app.
  • Ensuring real-time reliability and responsiveness.

Pixelette Technologies' Approach

  • Utilized advanced encryption and authentication methods for secure access.
  • Designed an intuitive UI/UX for seamless mode transitions.
  • Developed a high-performance backend for consistent, real-time operation.


  • Delivered STid Mobile ID with five innovative access modes.
  • Garnered high user satisfaction for ease of use and reliability.


STid lauded the seamless integration of various access modes and the sophisticated security features.
Through Pixelette Technologies’ expertise, the STid Mobile ID project revolutionized the client’s access control approach, offering a blend of security and convenience. This success illustrates Pixelette Technologies’ proficiency in creating advanced, user-centric technology solutions.