Staff Augmentation

Get robust business solutions to enhance the efficiency of your in-house development team. Pixelette Technologies lets you hire remote developers as dedicated resources.

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Staff augmentation enables companies to fulfil the needs for specific skills, and hire the best talent globally in the industry. With staff augmentation by your side, you can promptly fill hard-to-fill or temporary positions, which ultimately boosts the efficiency & scalability of project development.
It helps organisations accomplish various objectives, and goals including improving time-to-market, developing industry-specific technical expertise, and cutting training and skill development costs and time.
Our IT Staff Augmentation service provides you with additional resources on a temporary basis. We can help you achieve success by balancing project progress with cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation


Businesses can expand their teams with the help of staff augmentation. Your team doesn't have to go through the lengthy recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process every time you scale up or down. It enables companies to respond quickly to market or industry changes by adapting their teams on a per-project basis.

Temporary Staffing

A company may have a highly qualified and experienced team who delivers high-quality services on time. However, if a situation arises in which you require specific expertise that your team does not have, then you have to proceed forward and to fill the skill gap that your current team does not possess. So instead of beginning the hiring process, you can hire talent temporarily on contract basis for a particular project.


Staff augmentation helps businesses lessen operational and labour costs, resulting in greater profit. By hiring part-time or temporary employees, you cut the additional resources such as perks, medical, and insurance. You also avoid negotiating salaries and increments.


Expanding your business capacity can enable you to stay ahead of the curve. Suppose you are developing a new product as a small business, but you are aware that your competitors may go ahead and introduce similar products soon. So, recruiting part-time employees with in-demand skills can help you expand your capacity and gain a competitive edge.

Boost Productivity

Staff Augmentation boosts internal team productivity because hired developers dedicate 100% to the project. Having one client aligns with the vision of outsourced experts and makes them more motivated and dedicated to the project.

Staff Augmentation Services

Types of Staff Augmentation


You probably need precisely this kind of staff augmentation. IT or software development are professions in which highly skilled outsourced partners work. Training and experience are required for these professions, and IT staff augmentation offers no allowances for skill gaps in these areas.


It is not necessary to specialize to augment staff by way of commodities. Rather than honing specific skills, this staff augmentation model emphasizes urgency. The work involved in this type of staff augmentation may involve manual labour, part-time customer chat, factory work, or retail work, among others.


These staff augmentation services are used when there is a short-term need for employees with specific skills or when full-time employees are not available at the moment.


These staff augmentation services are offered when the project is more extended, and you need to fill a skill gap, reduce labour & operational costs, or when you can't afford to hire full-time employees.


This type of staff augmentation is provided if there is a need for an experts with a particular set of skills, but the quality of those abilities is not crucial. For example, data entry, clerical labour, rudimentary copywriting, transcribing, etc.