squarespace is exceptionally good value for money

Squarespace Pricing. Does it provide good value?

 Squarespace is one of the most prominent website builders in the world. Squarespace and Wix account for 55% of the websites created using a website builder. It is the ideal builder for professional websites. Squarespace pricing is not cheap, but it is a very powerful tool to create websites.
Squarespace Pricing:
Squarespace has no free option. You are given a 14-day trial with most of the features included. The limitations include not being able to carry out transactions on the trial version. Let’s look at the different tiers offered by Squarespace.
Note: All plan prices are billed annually.
 Personal ($12/month)
This plan is perfect for anyone wanting a simple blogging website. No e-commerce functions are supported.
Business ($18/month)
This plan gives you a very basic website with barebones e-commerce functionality. The plan includes marketing features such as pop-up announcements and gift cards. The business plan is suitable for anyone starting a business. A 3% fee is charged on every transaction.
Basic Ecommerce ($26/month)
This plan provides you with a basic online store. This is similar to the Business plan, but the 3% transaction fee is removed.
Advanced Ecommerce ($40/month)
This plan comes with fully-fledged e-commerce functions, including commerce APIs. Advanced shipping, discounts, and subscriptions are only available for this plan.
Pros of using Squarespace:
Gorgeous and Optimized Templates
Squarespace seems to have a lack of variety when compared to the likes of Wix. Still, the design and optimization of each template make up for it. Every template is carefully curated and is designed to visual perfection. Each template is optimized for desktops and mobile devices.
Squarespace Mobile App
Squarespace comes with a standalone mobile app for iOS and Android. The app lets you edit your pages on the go. You can also modify certain e-commerce functions too.
Squarespace Recycle Bin
You can recover deleted posts and pages when using Squarespace. You are given up to 30 days to recover anything you might have deleted by accident.
Responsive Support
Squarespace has support available in the form of emails and live chats. The support team is very helpful and responsive. However, email support can be slow at times for unknown reasons.
Cons of using Squarespace:
The Editor is Too Minimalistic
The editor that comes with Squarespace is not very easy to use. It can feel very barebones at times. It takes time to get used to it.
Shallow Navigation System
The navigational menus offered by Squarespace only go one layer deep, making complex sub-menus nearly impossible.
Slow Load Speeds
Users have often complained about Squarespace-powered websites loading a bit slower than their competitors. This can negatively impact website rankings on Search Engines.
No Autosave
Squarespace templates are not saved automatically when edited. The editor frequently prompts you to save manually, which can get annoying at times.
Squarespace pricing is not the cheapest when it comes to website builders. However, it offers excellent value, which makes Squarespace an excellent all-rounder. Squarespace is a very versatile website builder that can easily be recommended.

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