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Pixelette Technologies is an award-winning social media marketing firm. A result-driven approach is the main ingredient of our champion strategy. Therefore, we develop elite strategies which aim to maximise online presence while boosting brand awareness. On social media, time is money, so contact us for a free quote.
Social Media Marketing Platforms
Lead the Competition with Pixelette Technologies
In a digital world, traditional marketing strategies are being phased out. Thus, companies that swear by old-fashioned marketing techniques fail to bring in business in this era. Upgrade your social media marketing campaign with Pixelette Technologies. Our team of expert social media marketing specialists will help you lead the competition. Check below for all available platforms:
Facebook Marketing
Facebook is perhaps the most well-known social media platform. Many agree that it helped establish the term ‘social media’ in the first place. It is impossible to overlook the importance of Facebook. Facebook Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular forms of online marketing. Also, it is highly cost-effective.
Instagram Marketing
Instagram is closely tied to Facebook as Meta now owns the platform. Our Instagram social media marketing campaign allows you to connect with even more customers. Furthermore, this will build an entire community around your brand. 
LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn is a more formal take on social media. With that said, Pixelette Technologies fully understands the requirements for upholding your upper-class reputation. Our LinkedIn marketing agency will establish your brand in the marketplace. At Pixelette Technologies, we firmly believe that the ideal LinkedIn social media marketing strategy will allow your brand to excel to top of the competition.
YouTube Marketing
Analysts state that more than 90% of online shoppers discover a brand through YouTube. Therefore, it is fundamental to have a dependable marketing campaign on the world’s largest video sharing platform. Our YouTube marketing agency is willing to lend you their award-winning talent by creating catchy thumbnails and engaging videos while learning more about your audience. Our service package also includes optimising video quality so that you create amazing content. This will convert a large volume of customers.
Pinterest Marketing
Much like Instagram, Pinterest is largely focused on pictures. Here at Pixelette Technologies, our Pinterest marketing solutions will make sure you turn those browsers into customers. Our diligent team of Pinterest marketing specialists will ensure that all your pins are in the correct categories. The Pinterest marketing packages offered by Pixelette Technologies come standard with text overlay and keyword-optimised descriptions. These will take full advantage of powerful CTAs.
Snapchat Marketing
Snapchat is really fast-paced. It is most well-known for photos and videos that disappear after some time. What began as a private messaging app has now evolved into a massive online sensation. According to one study, more than 238 million people use Snapchat every day.
TikTok Marketing
TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform. TikTok is a massively popular social media platform where users only interact with short videos. According to Quantum Marketer, more than 1.1 billion people use TikTok daily. Moreover, 58% of TikTok’s demographic is female. Therefore, if your product is targeted at women, then TikTok is a great place to start.
Why Choose us for your Social
Media Marketing?
Forge New Connections and Sharpen Your Competitive Edge
Pixelette Technologies is an award-winning social media marketing company. We commit to a champion social media marketing strategy. This will ensure that a valuable network resource is created for all your online marketing needs. Our social media marketing packages will achieve the following benefits:
Dedicated account managers
Pixelette Technologies will assign specific strategists to your social media campaign. This means that not only will your social media marketing campaign be highly efficient, but everything will be tailored to meet your goals. As multiple dedicated account managers work aggressively to market your brand, they are also available on call or email to tend to any of your queries.
Extensive onboarding process
Pixelette Technologies follows an extensive onboarding process. Our social media marketing consultants will provide you a step-by-step breakdown of your campaign. This includes establishing your campaign’s metrics before launching the marketing campaign. This will allow us to determine its success. In this way, we can gauge exactly what tactics can be used to best achieve your goals.
Custom SMM strategy
Pixelette Technologies offers custom tailored strategies for our clients. Therefore, we will always have the right kind of social media campaign for every budget. Our custom social media market strategies are guaranteed to boost social media engagement and ultimately, your marketing efforts.
Social Media Campaign reports
Standard in our custom social media marketing packages are campaign reports. These give a complete rundown of your marketing campaign’s performance. Furthermore, we will also provide a monthly report of your social media marketing campaign. This will include Google Analytics reports, especially given the fact that Pixelette Technologies is a Google Premier Partner. Above all, your ROI will be monitored on an hourly basis.
Paid and organic team
As an award-winning firm, it is our duty that all our clients are matched with a dedicated expert. Naturally, they are trained professionals within their specific field. Moreover, they offer years of experience which will prove to be a priceless asset to your enterprise. Rest assured, you can rest easy while knowing that your social media marketing campaign is in safe hands.
Diverse Marketing experience
Here at Pixelette Technologies, we command excellence in diverse industries. This also includes both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) social media marketing. Furthermore, our custom social media marketing campaigns are tailored for businesses of all sizes. Our champion team will establish a strong social media presence, reinforced with an online image.
Our Easy-to-Follow Process
Onboarding call
Request a free quote of services from Pixelette Technologies. Then, you can schedule a call with any one of our social media specialists. This way, we can better understand the desired goals and objectives of your brand. Afterwards, you can select a custom package that is tailored to your needs. Then, the next step is confirming the login details to your social media page after a package has been selected.
Content generation
After the onboarding call, then we will conduct a market research. This will ensure that your social media marketing campaign reaches your desired target audience. Standard in our custom packages are two weeks of custom images. Also included are copywriting as well and high-performing hashtags for your brand.
Content review
You’re almost there! Your content is ready to be posted online after a simple review. At this stage, you will receive the first two weeks of your social media content. Additionally, you will get two revisions as well. Please keep in mind that the total onboarding time is usually between 10-14 business days. This step is vital before your content is posted on all the social media platforms.

Your Content is Live!

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for. Your content is now officially live! However, things are far from over at this stage. Shortly after, one of our social media specialists will begin working on the next two weeks of content. Furthermore, we will remain alert for any upcoming items you would like to add to the relevant social media platforms.
Live Updates
Now, your content works for you! We provide our clients status updates on a bi-weekly basis via email. The social media marketing content will be updated regularly to ensure optimum reach with customers. Moreover, our contract-free social media packages are billed on the first of every month.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We can run a campaign on a wide variety of platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Although YouTube does not work as a traditional social media platform, we also help with YouTube.

We are currently in a testing phase for TikTok marketing for our clients.

Our custom software transforms your campaign for greater success. This improves your operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, profitability and independence in using the software for your future needs.

Unlike commercial software or freeware, our custom software is designed to accommodate a customer’s specific preferences and expectations.

Our onboarding process can take around 30 days. This is from the planning process to the first post published. However, this time will vary on the complexity of your brand communications and approval processes. We tactfully place the hard work upfront so that we can ensure high-quality content is delivered within the time frame.

On the other hand, if the content has to be published faster, we can also fast-track the process. Therefore, we can produce the content in as little as two weeks. We can also create immediate filler content as we develop a winning strategy. 

We are glad that you asked! The secret sauce of our successful social media campaigns lies in producing high-quality content that is original as well as consistent with our clients’ brand strategies.

We make sure your social copy has just the right tone while keeping it creative and visually pleasing. More importantly, we will stay within your brand’s guidelines as we understand marketing strategy, brand messaging and art direction can all change depending on the platform.

Pixelette Technologies possesses the know-how to produce high-quality content that is consistent across multiple platforms. We also develop a content calendar that times your social media marketing efforts effectively according to your brand.

There are many reasons that Pixelette Technologies is able to achieve great results for its clients:

  • We begin with strategic alignment while ensuring we are communicating to your target audience using the right brand message.
  • We emphasise lower-frequency but higher-quality content than what most agencies offer. Therefore, you are building brand awareness and trust while you also strike your engagement and sales targets.
  • As all our clients can tell, we are extremely data-driven. So, if something works well, we rely on it to obtain even better results.
  • In addition to our social media excellence, there are a few things about our agency that make us a great partner for your team. Some of these are our availability, transparent reporting and our commitment to becoming an extension of your own team. Furthermore, we are also dedicated to your ultimate success and willing to put in the work to see that success come to fruition.

Ironically, many users expect brands and companies to behave like other human beings on social media. They desire swift responses to their questions. They also wish to be acknowledged directly whenever they post about the brand and tag it. Without a doubt, social media has changed the way companies interact with their customers. Therefore, staying on top of these trends is vital in mastering the competition.

Additionally, outbound engagement is where one seeks out conversations and engages with other people’s content. This is a powerful method to increase your brand’s popularity. Thus, it is vital to create a strategy that connects with your target audience personally. As a result, this makes for a successful digital marketing strategy.

That depends. Generally, when brands switch to our social media marketing services, we observe immediate improvements in post engagements and reach.

We generally advise to spend time on engagement and building an audience for brands that are more focused on lead or revenue generation. After that, we can focus on additional promotions.

Every campaign is based on the KPIs that a client sets with us. For the clients who are focused on more leads and sales, some of our best ad campaigns have seen a 14:1 ROAS. In addition, we have witnessed single organic posts drive incredible revenue numbers.

As for clients who are more focused on branding and engagement, we generally see a huge impact in this regard quickly. In fact, one of our best examples is Bed Head Styling, with whom we drove a staggering 3,918% increase in engagement.

If you desire a social media company that is going to drive up consistent results, here are a few great points to consider:

  • How long have they been in business exactly? Companies that have only been around for a year or two might be struggling to find their bearings in the world of social media.
  • Have they inquired about your business goals? If so, then this is a positive give away early on. If a marketing company is going to be more focused on driving the results you need, they should definitely ask about your business goals before they bid out their services to you.
  • Who is writing the copy and designing the graphics? Agencies with low prices are infamous for outsourcing this type of work overseas. While it is cheap, you get what you pay for.
  • Who will manage your account? A company might try to dazzle you with its large list of satisfied clients and case studies, but who is really going to be your main point of contact? What kind of experience do they have? Also, are they a good listener and the ideal fit for your team?
  • Are they even well-established to begin with? Do they have things like service level agreements, social media software, project management tools and standardised reporting?