Peri Global

Peri Technologies envisioned a smart solution to address the common challenges faced by businesses in managing travel and corporate expenses. The goal was to create a software that not only simplifies expense tracking but also provides a comprehensive suite of tools for administrators to configure policies, automate accounts, and ensure seamless reimbursements.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies collaborated with Peri Technologies to develop an intelligent expense tracking and management software aimed at redefining corporate spend management. By leveraging modern tech-stack, we crafted PERI, a user-centric platform that empowers businesses to gain better control over their travel and expense management. The platform, with its intuitive reporting tools and seamless ERP integration, now serves as a robust solution for businesses to optimize costs, streamline approval workflows, and enhance the transparency and security of corporate spending.


Features Developed

  • Front-End Development: Utilized React.js to build an intuitive, user-friendly interface facilitating easy expense tracking, reporting, and management.
  • Back-End Development: Employed Node.js and MongoDB to construct a robust, scalable backend infrastructure capable of handling real-time expense data and approval workflows.
  • Expense Policy Configuration: Developed a feature allowing administrators to easily configure and enforce expense policies across the organization.
  • Automated Account Management: Implemented automation in account management to streamline the tracking and approval of corporate expenses.
  • Approval Workflow System: Crafted a sophisticated approval workflow system to systematize reimbursements and ensure compliance with organizational policies.
  • ERP Integration: Engineered a seamless synchronization mechanism with any ERP application, enabling a unified view of corporate spending.
  • Real-Time Reporting Tools: Integrated real-time reporting tools providing insightful analytics on corporate spending, aiding in cost optimization.
  • Security Protocols: Incorporated advanced security protocols to safeguard sensitive financial information and ensure a secure user experience.

The feedback by the Client

Results and Benefits

PERI has significantly streamlined the process of travel and expense management for businesses, enabling a smarter control over corporate spending. The platform not only simplifies expense reporting but also facilitates better policy compliance, automation, and real-time insights, thereby contributing to optimized costs and maximized savings.


The successful collaboration with Peri Technologies has resulted in a sophisticated expense management solution that aligns well with the modern-day needs of businesses. PERI now stands as a reliable, smart tool in the arsenal of businesses, aiding them in transforming their expense management practices towards increased flexibility, transparency, and cost efficiency.