Smart Contract Development

Pixelette Technologies offers expertise across various blockchain networks including Ethereum, TRON, EOS, and Chaincode. Our team is ready and fully equipped to help you with your smart contract needs. Please reach out to us for a free consultation.
Our services

Smart contract design

Pixelette Technologies offers quality smart contract design services. This includes defining the terms and conditions of the contract, pinpointing the necessary variables and data structures as well as creating the logic for executing the contract.

Smart contract testing

We offer state-of-the-art smart contract testing services. Our expert team makes sure that smart contracts run smoothly with a minimal margin of error. Unit testing, integration testing and stress testing are some of the tests we conduct on smart contracts.

Smart contract deployment

Our technical team ensures that smart contracts are properly deployed onto the platform. We accomplish this by setting up the relevant infrastructure, contract integration with existing systems and managing the deployment process.

Smart contract maintenance

Our services also cover ongoing maintenance and live support for smart contracts. Our team monitors the smart contract for errors, patches up any issues and offers live technical support to our clients.

Custom smart contract development

Pixelette Technologies also develops custom smart contracts for specific use cases. We allow clients to freely choose the blockchain platform, the blockchain standards as well as any additional terms and conditions for their smart contracts.

Our solutions
Pixelette Technologies offers a plethora of solutions for many kinds of smart contracts. Our smart contract
solutions are a perfect fit for a variety of industries. Choose from a vast selection of our solutions below:

Escrow smart contracts

By using a smart contract, we automate the escrow process. Our escrow smart contracts can be programmed to execute specific conditions before releasing funds to the contractual parties.

Supply chain smart contracts

Suppliers can securely and transparently share information about the status of goods through our supply chain smart contract solutions. This enables more effective supply chain management.

Insurance smart contracts

Our smart contract-based insurance solutions automate the process of underwriting, policy management and claims management. They can be programmed to automatically verify policyholder information, process claims and ensure compliance with regulations. This enables a faster, more efficient way of managing insurance policies and claims.

Voting contracts

Our smart contract voting solutions are designed to automate the entire voting process. They can be programmed to automatically ensure the integrity of the voting process. This allows organisations to conduct elections and surveys with a greater degree of trust from participants.

Identity and access management contracts

Pixelette Technologies automates the process of managing and verifying identities on the blockchain network. We can automatically verify the identity of users, grant or revoke access as the client wishes.

Healthcare smart contracts

Our healthcare solutions are designed to automate the process of managing and verifying healthcare data. These contracts can be programmed to automatically verify the authenticity of medical records, track the flow of data between patients, hospitals, and other healthcare providers while ensuring that only authorised personnel are granted access.

Real estate smart contracts

Pixelette Technologies’ smart contracts are the backbone of our real estate solutions. They streamline and automate the buying and selling of properties. They handle everything from transferring ownership to managing escrow and payments.

Assets management smart contracts

We offer smart contract solutions for managing as well as tracking all types of assets - from stocks and bonds to real estate and digital assets like art or music. Our smart contracts allow for real-time tracking of ownership, movement and provenance of assets. This provides a secure and transparent platform that streamlines the entire process.

Our technological foundation
At Pixelette Technologies, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. Our expert team leverages the latest advancements in blockchain technology to provide outstanding results.

Technology Platform


Corporate smart contracts
Smart contracts are expected to become increasingly prevalent in business, with a projected market value of $820.62 million by 2030. The security, efficiency and seamless communication along with the cost-effectiveness of smart contracts are major factors that will contribute to their anticipated success.

The open-source nature of smart contracts allows for
transparency as all information is publicly available. Additionally, the immutability of smart contracts on the blockchain ensures that their status is permanent and irreversible.

  • Transparent workflow.
  • Streamlined negotiations.
  • Complete transaction record.
Smart contracts offer a centralised and efficient method of processing data, which can help to streamline business operations and reduce costs. By automating processes and eliminating the need for manual intervention, smart contracts can save time, energy, and running costs.

  • Real-time execution
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Fully automated procedure
Multi-layered security measures in smart contracts protect against malicious and fraudulent attacks through the implementation of advanced security protocols that detect potential threats in real-time. These measures ensure the integrity and safety of your smart contracts.

  • Advanced authentication
  • Encrypted transaction record
  • Distributed ledger safety
Industries utilising smart contracts
As businesses increasingly adopt smart contract technology, it’s crucial to entrust their development to a reputable firm like Pixelette Technologies. Our expertise in the field ensures that your smart contracts maximise benefit and minimise error, as evidenced by our successful work for the following industries:
Banking & Finance
Digital Asset Exchange
Supply Chain Management
Intellectual Property Rights
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Identity Management
Real Estate
Corporate Records
Why choose Pixelette Technologies?

Pixelette Technologies employs a best-in-class approach to smart contract development, setting a high bar for quality and attention to detail. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in strong, long-term partnerships with all of our clients. Our main objectives include:

Expertise in diverse fields
  • We possess extensive experience across various blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, Solana and more.
  • Our domain expertise extends from FinTech to supply chain management, providing our clients with a broad range of solutions.
  • With over 450 completed projects and a total value of $1 billion, we have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results.
  • We specialise in providing professional-grade expertise in designing comprehensive smart contract infrastructures that meet the specific needs of each client.
Global recognition
  • We have a diverse clientele, including both Forbes Fortune 500 and SMEs from various countries.
  • Our tokenization solutions alone have earned us over $500 million in revenue.
  • We are committed to complying with international standards and jurisdictions to ensure the security and legal compliance of our clients’ operations.
  • Our offerings include over 20 customisable IT solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. 
Business extension strategies
  • The Pixelette Technologies team specialises in developing cost-effective, in-house products to maximise value for our clients.
  • We have the expertise to guide our clients in making a seamless transition from traditional web technologies to the decentralised web (Web 3.0).
  • Our dedicated IT consultation team has specialised knowledge in blockchain technology, and is committed to providing expert guidance.
  • We provide real-time updates and timely resolution of any issues, ensuring the highest level of user experience for our clients.
Blockchain standards and protocols
  • Pixelette Technologies is committed to adhering to the highest standards in cybersecurity, including ISO 22301:2012, ISO 28000, ISO/IEC 27037, ISO/IEC 29147, and ISO/IEC 27017.
  • Our compliance efforts extend to industry regulations such as GDPR, WCAG 2.2, and ADA standards.
  • Our team is well-versed in a wide range of token standards, including ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-777, and more.
  • Our solutions include compliance with industry specific regulations such as AML/KYC, HIPAA, EU REACH, and more.
Our smart contracts support multiple platforms
Our smart contracts are designed with governance and transaction management in mind. They are implemented using Hyperledger’s smart contract chaincode. Also, they are written in the Hyperledger Fabric codebase to ensure seamless deployment.
Ethereum smart contracts are built on the Ethereum blockchain. They are designed to automatically execute when certain conditions are met. As they operate on the Ethereum network, transactions on these smart contracts incur gas fees which are denominated in Ether (ETH) at regular intervals.
Solana smart contracts, also referred to as ‘programs’, are written using various programming languages such as Rust, C and C++. Solana’s smart contract functionality also enables the development of decentralised applications (DApps) to meet diverse needs of the clients.
Award & Recognition
We are committed to delivering the highest level of expertise to exceed customer expectations. Our dedication to providing exceptional solutions has earned us multiple recognition and accolades.
The Pixelette Technologies approach
Pixelette Technologies is a reputable firm in the field of smart contract development. We are proud to share with you the key elements of our champion strategy:



We begin by carefully understanding the specific requirements and objectives of our clients. Then, we collaborate to design a customised solution that aligns with their unique needs.


Smart contract architecture

At this stage, we will design the architecture of your smart contract. Our team ensures a user-friendly interface while minimising gas costs. Our designs prioritise efficiency and cost-effectiveness to provide optimal results for our clients.



The Pixelette Technologies team begins the work once the blockchain platform and the tech stack is selected. Our team connects your DApps to the blockchain while ensuring your smart contracts operate smoothly.



After the completion of the initial build, our team subjects the smart contract to several alpha and beta tests so that the smart contract is refined to the highest standard.



Once the testing phase is complete and the smart contract passes our final inspection, we deploy the smart contract onto the blockchain. We can also provide performance reports and valuable feedback for your smart contract. This takes us to the next step.


Updates & support

At the client’s request, Pixelette Technologies can provide live updates for smart contracts. This includes detecting any issues and providing bug fixes along with additional updates to keep the user experience fresh.
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