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Six steps a Web design company should follow

Web designing is essential for your business, as it impacts how your customers perceive your brand. The first impression you make on them can either get them to stay on your website, leave it, and find your competitor. A web design company can do it better for you. You have to choose the best service provider who can understand the demands and needs of your business.

Website Designing and Development Process:

Pixelette Technologies, a leading web design company in the UK, believes that your website is an important business tool for you. We have matured our website design process that suits companies of all sizes. Here are some steps that we take during the website design process:

Web Page Requirement Analysis

Our group will do an online or offline meeting with the customer to comprehend their site prerequisites. We put a critical spotlight on investigating the end destinations of how the customer means its site to add to their business. The necessities examination covers different perspectives, for example, the decision of configuration, color scheme, target crowd, geographic focusing on, practical components, client experience, and all that can help us uncover sufficiently profound to accompany the ideal arrangement.

Contract Finalization

Given the accumulated site prerequisites, we’ll send a point-by-point strategic agreement to the customer featuring all the necessary components, which we will design on the forthcoming site. The statement will also incorporate expense and time responsibilities. Moreover, the proposition will include the general terms of the agreement.

Website Design Mockups

When we go into contract, our architect and expert will talk about plan inclination, and dependent on effectively gathered necessities, we will make at least one plan model. For less complex tasks, a solitary design might sufficiently be. However, for significant activities, our experienced designers will intend various screens to show the look and feel of the interfaces, client experience, and distinctive functional areas of the task.

Basic Working Prototype

Our development groups become possibly the most critical factor in the mockups and general practical interfaces, and the task improvement measure begins. In this stage, our designers compose code and construct a database. Our testing team works close by to make the venture bug-free to the greatest.

Project Delivery

After the completion and testing phase of the project, we notify the client and launch the project on a test server to have a look and test it. We fix all bugs and issues on the feedback of the client. 


In the wake of planning and building up the project, Pixelette Technologies, as a web design company, deploys it to the customer’s domain platform. Our organization gives domain and hosting services to our customers. However, a customer may provide their hosting setup, and our group will deploy the site to live on the given certifications. After the deployment, we test the site on a line environment and notify the client.

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