Diamond NXT

DIAMOND NXT stands as a beacon of innovation in the diamond industry, aiming to redefine how diamonds are traded and owned. By embracing blockchain technology, DIAMOND NXT provides a secure, transparent, and efficient platform for stakeholders to explore the new horizons of digital diamond trading.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies played a pivotal role in sculpting the digital facet of the diamond industry through the development of DIAMOND NXT. This cutting-edge platform merges the quintessence of diamonds with modern blockchain technology, offering a unique marketplace for diamond trading and tokenization. The robust digital and technological infrastructure established by Pixelette Technologies provides a cornerstone for DIAMOND NXT’s vision of reshaping the future of diamonds, easing the journey for all stakeholders in the diamond industry.


Features Developed

Pixelette Technologies enriched DIAMOND NXT with a suite of features including:

    • NFT Marketplace: A specialized marketplace for trading tokenized diamonds.
    • Smart Contracts (ERC 721 & ERC 1155): Backbone contracts for secure and transparent transactions.
    • Wallet Connect: A feature for secure wallet connections, enabling seamless transactions.
    • KYC: Know Your Customer module for user verification and platform integrity.
    • NFT Listing and Minting: Facilities for listing and creating new tokenized diamond assets.
    • User Management: Robust user management system for profile and transaction management.
    • Admin Panel: Comprehensive admin panel for overseeing platform operations.
    • Content Management System: A system for managing and updating platform content dynamically.

Problem Statement

The traditional diamond industry often grapples with issues related to transparency, liquidity, and accessibility. The mission was to create a platform that addresses these challenges and adds a layer of modernity and efficiency to diamond trading and ownership.

Technical Solutions

Utilizing React JS for web development, ERC 721, and ERC 1155 for smart contract creations, alongside other state-of-the-art technologies, Pixelette Technologies built a robust platform capable of meeting the modern demands of the diamond industry.

Results and Benefits

DIAMOND NXT now serves as a revolutionary platform that transforms how diamonds are traded and broadens the scope of ownership and investment in the diamond sector. The platform’s integrity and transparency have significantly impacted the diamond journey, making it more accessible and lucrative.


The successful deployment of DIAMOND NXT by Pixelette Technologies manifests a significant advancement in bridging traditional diamond trading with modern digital technology. It exemplifies the remarkable potential of blockchain technology in transforming conventional industries.