Delivering Engaging UI UX Design Services

Our team of UI/UX designers establishes a transparent design process to meet deadlines and produce promising results. Pixelette Technologies is the ideal partner for those looking to translate their visions into an engaging, user-friendly UI/UX design.

Centric Designs

The website’s design and development are the key elements that make the user experience meaningful and enjoyable. In this regard, our UI/UX designers ensure that all the client’s needs are properly met. Additionally, our experts use their credibility and ability to fulfil the client’s requirements.
Our workflow is highly reliant on collaboration between our design team members. We align our ideas with the requirements set forth by the client, creating a feasible solution based on the project’s time and budget. Our UI and UX designers are familiar with what goes into the design and development of an engaging interface, prioritising the practicality and aesthetic of the user interface and merging them into a stunning end result.

Our UI/UX experts will deploy, design and develop an engaging website for your business. Additionally, our designers will make it intuitive and user-friendly with a seamless interface. Implementing the expertise of our UI and UX designers into making sure our design meets all the unique requirements set forth by the client.


Working with several clients over the years has allowed our team to master the process of delivering high-quality UI/UX design services. Our specialists follow established workflows, guidelines, and design standards to create the product that the client needs within a set timeframe.

Compatible & Scalable UI and UX Designs

Mobile App UI and UX Design Services

Our UI and UX Designers will develop a comfortable experience for your mobile users, delivering custom features based on iOS and Android conventions. The UI/UX designs produced by our expert digital artists emphasise functionality, whilst making sure that a smooth and intuitive interface is offered to the client.

Web UI and UX Design Services

Streamline the development and design process for your technical and complex products with our innovative UI/UX solutions that help you grow traffic with a modern design aesthetic. Our experts thrive on developing seamless, aesthetic solutions that offer a smooth and easy-to-use interface to the end-user.

UI/UX Brand Identity

Grow your brand and build an identity for your business with extensively researched visual designs, icons, colour schemes, and call-to-actions, We can help your brand flourish online by developing a robust identity for your product or service, emphasising a persona that caters to the requirements of your target market.

Our UI AND UX Design Process

Our UI/UX designers help to maintain a connection between the user and the service provider. Our main goal is to strengthen brand awareness to improve interaction and customer satisfaction.

Our team develops a UI/UX strategy as a plan that details the design’s characteristics and how it will work. In order to visualize our UI/UX strategy, we create wireframes which align the product vision with the requirements set forth by the client and the technical capabilities of the product.

Wireframing & Prototyping
Prototyping is a critical stage of the process. Mockups, prototypes, wireframes, and animations allow us to visualise complicated ideas and apply them in practice. At Pixelette Technologies, we conduct initial research, develop a strategy and roadmap, and then begin prototyping and wireframing for the project.

Data-Driven Design
We collect data from users as a part of our client-centric, data-driven design process. We collect valuable analytical data about the client’s requirements before our experts in UI/UX design start to implement the client’s needs into their design.
An interactive UI/UX design leads to a higher conversion rate and user satisfaction. We conduct regular UI/UX audits to enhance the layout and interactivity of the design. Our experts review user flow in the existing design during the audit to mark usability issues.
Our team of UI/UX design experts develop a roadmap that outlines the workflow and the process that the team will undergo as a part of designing and developing the client’s project. This roadmap lays out a detailed timeline of the various steps we will take and the various processes we will go through in the development of the clients project.
Client Enquiry
Our experts conduct several interviews with the client to procure all the necessary information related to the project. This enquiry allows our team to detail the exact requirements set forth by the clients, making sure that their vision is brought to life in the form of robust design.
Visual Direction
We design every element of the UI/UX design. These elements include buttons, icons, colour schemes, and typography. Our experts dedicate an extensive period of time to designing these elements, ensuring that they meet the requirements set forth by the client whilst offering an intuitive experience for the user.
Usability Testing
A usability test’s main objective is to identify existing and potential issues regarding usability in the system. Our experts collect both qualitative and quantitative data about user satisfaction with the product. Additionally, our experts test the design’s ease of use to improve in any areas the design maybe be lacking.

Tools We Use

In the design and development of a UI and UX project, our experts utilize several tools that together help us craft the ideal experience for the client. Some of these tools include:

frequently asked questions

One of Google's biggest SEO announcements of the year, the Page Experience Update confirms that user experience will become an important ranking factor in 2021. The Google Page Experience Update is based on metrics including page load speed, responsiveness, interactivity, and whether content layout shifts as the page loads. Google has completed an update focusing on displaying only high-quality links in their search results. An improved user experience should lead to a better ranking for the web page.
This popular SEO tool called Ahref is second only to Google in the number of website crawlers on the internet. SEO experts can’t get enough of Ahrefs’ Site Audit feature as it highlights what parts of your website need improvement to rank better in search engines.
Search engines can crawl pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, however it is unclear how much influence these pages have on search algorithms and rankings, too, as the activities on these platforms themselves don't appear to affect SEO directly.
SEO is a user-centric digital marketing approach which isn’t intrusive like cold calls and spam Ad emails. It lets the user search for the content and products that they want to of their own accord. It is also a free method of increasing traffic to your website and generating leads for your business based on certain set rules and guidelines.
A few SEO techniques and practices include aligning your content with search intent, writing a compelling title tag and meta description, optimising your images, optimizing your page speed, improving your user experience, including keywords in your URL, and creating authority backlinks.
While SEO focuses mainly on improving the rankings of the website and can lead to different visitors, SMO focuses mainly on driving traffic through social media platforms. The primary and core function of both, SMO & SEO, is to drive relevant traffic to the website in the long run. It makes sense that they should cooperate to achieve this goal.