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Pixelette Technologies provides efficient IoT services to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet.  

internet of things

The Internet of Things service provided by Pixelette Technologies helps entrepreneurs upgrade their business needs according to the market’s requirements by getting innovative and exclusive IoT solutions.


LPWANS operate at a lower cost with good power efficiency than traditional mobile networks. They can also support a massive number of connected devices over a larger area. 

Cellular 3G 4G 5G

Pixelette Technologies provides the best cellular network services with high-speed, high-capacity voice and data communication networks with upgraded multimedia and smooth roaming capabilities for supporting cellular devices.


Pixelette Technologies offers a strong portfolio of Zigbee wireless network solutions. Zigbee creates resilience for developers & end-users while delivering cosmic interoperability. Zigbee has several applications and is generally implemented across the world.


Pixelette Technologies offers efficient connectivity solutions by connecting IoT-based devices to WiFi. WiFi is exclusively created to support broadband and narrowband IoT applications from a frequent platform that can work at different power consumption and signal range stages. 


Pixelette Technologies is an expert in utilizing a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) system to help you keep track of your assets and managing inventory. It helps businesses of all sizes by improving their efficiency in utilizing their assets. 

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