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Grow your business and relationship with your customers by outsourcing Pixelette Technologies professional customer support services. We offer a diverse range of customer service center options.

call center services

Pixelette Technologies’ professionals help you handle your customers and get maximum benefits by providing outstanding Call Center Services to your customers, as there’s nothing more satisfying than having satisfied customers.

Customer Support

Pixelette Technologies helps your customers get the most out of your product and resolve their problems. Our call center services include answering customer questions, assisting with onboarding and troubleshooting.

Phone Help Desk

Pixelette Technologies’ phone help desk services provide a single point of contact for customers to gain assistance in troubleshooting, answer their questions, and solve problems.

Phone Order Taking

Phone order taking is the process of recording orders accurately, securing that order information, and delivering the same. Pixelette Technologies being an outsourcing company, provides efficient order-taking services to enterprises from all across the globe.

Order Management

Pixelette Technologies’ order management services help you keep track of clients’ orders, including receiving the order, packing, shipping the items mentioned in the order, and tracking them until they get delivered.

Live Email and Chat Support

Live email and chat support services allow your customers to have text-based conversations regarding their issues with the Pixelette Technologies support team through the website.

Content Management

Our professional content management experts create, manage and modify the content on your website. It’s generally stored in a database and displayed in a presentation layer based on a set of templates.

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