Network Development
Pixelette builds networks and protocols aimed at empowering the developer community to build and ship applications faster and better. This furthers our goal to support the adoption of blockchain technology.

What Is A
Blockchain Network?

A blockchain network is a technical infrastructure that provides ledger and smart contract (chaincode) services to applications. Primarily, smart contracts are used to generate transactions which are subsequently distributed to every peer node in the network where they are immutably recorded on their copy of the ledger. The users of applications might be end users using client applications or blockchain network administrators.
In most cases, multiple organizations come together as a consortium to form the network and their permissions are determined by a set of policies that are agreed by the consortium when the network is originally configured. Moreover, network policies can change over time subject to the agreement of the organizations in the consortium, as we’ll discover when we discuss the concept of modification policy.

Benefits of The Blockchain Network

Decentralization. This is the main feature of blockchain technology, and the strong point is that to authenticate transactions or operations, no other instance is required to act as an intermediary, reducing transaction validation times.

Network distribution

This point provides several benefits, since by having this network distributed in the first instance, no one owns the network, allowing different users to always have multiple copies of the same information. Also, this characteristic makes it resistant and resilient to any type of failure since the fact that a node fails does not imply generalized failures in the network. Likewise, having a distributed network means that there are practically no errors because the information must be verified by many participants in this network. Erroneous or malicious information within the blockchain becomes practically impossible.

Low costs for users

The decentralized nature of Blockchain allows for the validation of person-to-person transactions quickly and securely, eliminating the need for an intermediary and reducing costs for users.

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