Services provided by a front end web developer in the US

front end web developer in the US

In software, there are two main layers, first is the front-end layer, which is known as the presentation layer, and the second is the back-end layer, which is the data access layer. A combination of development, technologies, design, graphics, and trends, with which the user interacts, is known as the front-end of a website. It is a critical step to take as it impacts our end-user. We have to very careful about choosing the best front-end web developer in the US.


Front-end advancement is customer-side programming utilizing essentially HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming language to make a proficient and engaging website for a better client experience. These days, no web application advancement can ignore front-end improvement, hence front-end is one of the most significant pieces of the web improvement measure on a standard with back-end advancement. Before the worker deals with customers’ solicitations, front-end contents measure those requests.

Services of a front end web developer in the US:

We use HTML5 to create text with links and hyperlinks that converts letters into images and other representations.

  • CSS3

We use CSS3 for styling, effects on the website, to make it unique.

  • JavaScript

We use JavaScript development to add maps, online games, videos to the website. It converts HTML pages into a dynamic and collective ecosystem.

  • JQuery

            JQuery is a library of JavaScript which provides built-in functionalities, plugins, and extensions.

  • AJAX development

            We use AJAX development for data transfer and to create dynamic web applications.

  • js, Angular.js, React.js

            Angular.js is a ready-made framework of JavaScript which we use for faster front-end development, extends HTML new functionalities, and less code development. Node.js is a back-end development framework.

  • UX/UI design

            UX/UI is the main thing in website design. A skilled and creative designer can solve all problems related to designing professionally.

  • Responsive and mobile design

            A large amount of traffic comes through mobile phones on the website. It will be our primary focus to develop our design according to the mobile layout. Our website design should be stunning for all types of accessing devices.

  • Cross-browser development

            Front-end development should be compatible with all browsers so that every browser can interpret code correctly.

  • Content management

            We should use popular content management systems such as WordPress, Magento.

  • Testing services

            We apply various testing techniques on the website for its optimum performance. These techniques are unit testing, rational testing, integration testing, UI testing, and performance testing.

Services of a front end web developer in the US provide:

  • Speedy Development and User-driven Outcomes
  • Using certain modern frameworks will enable faster development of elements
  • Secured services
  • Quickly Reacting Features and Apps
  • Easy to Learn
  • Use and Scale Technologies
  • Powerful Features and Layouts
  • Real-time Programming
  • Layered architecture

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