Labour Shortage? Think Outside the Box

We are a top-tier outsourcing company with extensive experience.
Well-reputed outsourcing companies like Pixelette Technologies have dramatically transformed the traditional way of doing business. You can save a considerable amount of money & improve operational efficiencies by outsourcing your services to us. Hence, boost your online visibility with a robust digital marketing strategy. We provide various digital marketing services to help your brand build a strong online presence, letting you capture your ideal customer.

Why Outsource to Pixelette Technologies?

Save Significant Money

Outsource your digital marketing services to us & save a significant amount on hiring & training of in-house staff, higher salaries, incentives, office workspace, purchase & deployment of advanced software/hardware & other overhead costs. Partnering with us means you just need to pay a fixed amount & in return, you'll see positive results with financial peace of mind.

Better Focus On Core Competencies

Let Pixelette Technologies handle your Web/App development, Blockchain, or entire digital marketing services & redirect your focus on the core competencies that really matter to you. It will eventually enable your in-house team to redirect their focus on core activities to make your business run smoothly and increase your revenue.

Elevate Brand Loyalty

Our highly trained staff, backed by decades of experience, will leave no stones unturned in running powerful marketing campaigns to increase your brand loyalty and loyal customer base as well. So, going from no support staff to industry-leading support staff is nearly impossible to do internally. Therefore, outsourcing can be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Access To Specialised Resources

Are you looking to build an app or website but don't have the in-house expertise? Don't worry! Leave these tasks to us & get more value for your money. You'll get access to specialised skill sets & professionals at a reasonable price. You don't need to wait for weeks or months to complete the project, now, you'll get projects done quickly.

Increase Your Brand Loyalty

Did you know outsourcing is an amazing hack for small businesses to compete with more giant corporations? Instead of recruiting an internal team, it's often more affordable to outsource your digital marketing services to professionals like Pixelette Technologies. Exposure to our highly talented workforce can help a business establish itself as a global brand.

Fulfil Compliance Requirements

Are you feeling the financial impacts of ever-evolving industry regulations? Fret not! We got you covered. Having a well-trained staff that properly follows regulations in-hose, Pixelette Technologies can save your company from potential lawsuits as experts at our digital marketing agency make every possible effort to provide compliant digital marketing & development services.

Our Team Can Fill All of These Roles

Marketing Manager

Business Analyst

Lead Marketing Strategist

SEO and Analytics Expert

Paid Advertising Specialist

CRO Expert


Graphic Designer

Chief Technical Strategist

Technical Project Manager

User Experience Designer

Calling Agent

Web Designer

Front-end Developer

Back-end Developer

Data Scientist & Analyst

CRM specialist & Integration Expert

Multimedia Expert

How Does It Work?

Requirement Analysis

Let us know your business needs & what services you are looking for! We are ready to help you out.

Plan Your Project

We will assign top-grade employees to work on your project to fulfil your unique needs.

Execute & Report

A dedicated project manager coordinates with you for task execution, project updates, and query resolution.

Dominate the Digital Space

Want to revolutionise how you sell and whom you sell by staying updated about consumer demands? The first step to pulling revenue from your online campaigns is strengthening your digital presence. Being present on platforms your audience frequents gives you an edge over your competition.
We offer outsourced digital marketing services, creating powerful, precisely targeted digital solutions that attract your ideal client. Outsource your digital marketing to us & take the excessive burden off your employee’s shoulders. This guarantees that your digital marketing initiatives will produce the desired outcomes. Additionally, you get to concentrate on other crucial business activities like growing your company, etc.