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SEO Power Tools – Strengthening the game of SEO

SEO Power Tools.

The power of SEO cannot be denied when it comes to getting ranked on the search pages. There are a variety of SEO power tools available online, both free and paid, to achieve your marketing goals.

Today we will recommend the top-notch SEO tools that are available in the market:

Best Free SEO Power Tools

There’s nothing better than achieving the target of increased traffic and appearing on the top of SERPs without paying any money. So let’s dig in and start with our top suggestions for free SEO tools:

  • Google Analytics

There is no doubt that it is a Google-dominated era, and if you haven’t used Google Analytics till now we will suggest you use it now. Using this tool has the following benefits:

  • Free of cost
  • Data visualization in form of charts and graphs to keep track of the website’s performance
  • Reporting to provide metrics so you can see the factors that are affecting the performance
  • This tool comes in handy when you need weekly, monthly or quarterly report
  • Provides you with the opportunity to look for keywords according to your niche and location
  • Gives you insights on competitors ranking keywords
  • Allows you to make a suitable SEO campaign for your business

These are some of the reasons why many professionals recommend this tool. It is extremely useful for new businesses. An amazing such tool is discussed below.

  • Ubersuggest

This is an all-in-one SEO power tool that can assist you in creating an effective campaign to rank your business at the top of the search page. This tool gives you a close insight into:

  • Your performance
  • The competitor’s performance
  • The different ways to manage your SEO strategies

The main expertise of this tool is effective keyword research, but you can also use it in designing and managing of the campaign.

The SEO Power Tools that are worth the money

Not all the amazing SEO tools are free to use. Some of them can cost you a lot but are still worth spending money for.

  • Majestic SEO

This tool gives you the option of 3 packages to choose from according to the size of your business. The main expertise of this tool lies in:

  • Backlink Checker
  • Site explorer

Regardless of the package you choose, this tool will provide you with the detailed report on the citation flow, backlinks, anchor text, and keywords. The unique feature that you can find in this tool is “Link profile fight” that helps in comparison of 2 different sites and provides the results in a graph. It will enable you to keep track of the competitors’ performance.

  • SEOmoz PRO

It is one of the most recognizable tools in the world of SEO. With its easy to use platforms you can:

  • Track the ranking
  • Analyze performance on different social media accounts
  • Compare backlinks
  • Test for crawl errors

All of this will allow you to create an effective campaign for your business and help in ranking at the top position.

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