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Robinhood Warns Customers of Tax-Season Phishing Scams

Robinhood warns its customers to be safe from attackers

According to reports, Robinhood has warned customers that the attackers might be attacking customers of stock-trading. Also, they said the attackers might steal the credentials of its customers and can also spread malware through fake tax documents. Robinhood is a company that has been making it easy for people to trade online over the years is also been facing a lot of legal challenges along the way. On Thursday they sent a warning to their customers through email that they should be aware of the ongoing threats and that even they might have access to some of the stock of our customers. Attackers targeted customers in two ways, according to the email. One attack vector used phishing emails with links to fake Robinhood websites prompting visitors to enter their login credentials, including authentication codes the company uses to help ensure the security of people’s accounts. Some of the emails showed that the attackers are contacting the vulnerable and potential victims through fake emails of tax forms which will ultimately install malware into their system. The company also asked its customers to be extra careful especially during the tax season as probably these activities will increase to an extinct until then.

Robinhood warns its customers to be safe from attackers

The Robinhood asked people to be careful with the way they access their Robinhood accounts. Indeed, tax season is often an active time for online scammers, with cybercriminals taking advantage of the flurry of online activity as people scramble to file their IRS declarations in a process that has gone largely digital. The company has asked its customers that if they don’t want to fall victim to the attackers they should only access their Robinhood accounts by installing the Robinhood app from the Google app store. Robinhood was also involved in a huge trading debacle that involved GameStop in January, spurring a regulatory investigation and a customer class-action suit against the company earlier this year. 

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