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Reddit Announces Expansion of Operations

Reddit looks to maximize the opportunity in Canada

The new team will provide more opportunity for Reddit to connect with local Canadian businesses and offer them new avenues to connect with the platform’s engaged userbase – which, as Reddit notes, is growing at a steady rate.

In addition, it has also offered some new insight into its Canadian audience and where it sees the most growth in the market.

Reddit has traditionally been seen as a bit of a lawless frontier of the web, dedicated to upholding free speech at all costs, but more recently, the platform has looked to clean up its act in the hopes of attracting more users and ad spend.

Reddit looks to maximize the opportunity in Canada

Reddit expanded its action to eliminate hate speech on its platform, with the removal of thousands of the most controversial subreddits, which many users had been calling for action against for years. Dedicated local teams are the next step in this direction, and the engagement among Canadian users makes it an ideal focus in this respect. On Reddit, users are connected by interest rather than just demographics that makes the environment highly recommended.

For Canadian brands, that could facilitate new opportunities for your campaigns and new considerations within your broader digital marketing approach.  More than 20% of Reddit users are not on Facebook in Canada, while 70% are not on TikTok and almost 35% are not on Twitter.”

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