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Reasons Why Content Gets Removed From Search Results

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, explains the two reasons why content gets removed from search results.

Alex Sullivan from Google outlines the two main reasons for content to be removed from search results.

The search engine Sullivan explains that while Google tries to provide open access to information, it can sometimes be necessary to remove content to protect its users or follow the law.

Google‘s policies do not allow it to systematically clean out any content in search results that violates the rules.

Even the black hat sites don’t get permanently de-indexed.

Removing Content to Comply With the Law

When a search result is banned, Google will take the content off the results page.

As far as privacy and defamation is concerned, Google’s legal obligations vary from country to country.

When it comes to complying with legal requirements to remove pages from search results, Sullivan says the company takes its highest standard.

Removing Content to Protect Users

If highly personal information is contained in a Google post, it may be removed even when it is not legally required to.

This includes data such as financial or medical information, data published without consent, and government-issued IDs.

A person can request that content be removed from search results because of the potential for harm caused by the disclosure of personal data.

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