purpose of statistical inference

Purpose Of Statistical Inference In AI & Machine Learning

As we know, AI & machine learning are multidisciplinary fields and requires skills in multiple subjects including statistics, mathematics, and business analysis. The purpose of statistical inference in machine learning is quite important as it helps in dealing with uncertainty in the decision-making process.

For machine learning, statistical inference can be divided into the following classes:

  • Hypothesis Testing

This process includes developing a hypothesis against the parent data from which the sample data is extracted

  • Estimation

The estimation process quantifies the value of some unknown parameters from the sample data to reduce the uncertainty.

What Is The Process Of Hypothesis Testing?

The steps included in hypothesis testing goes as follow:

  • Setting the hypothesis
  • Choose a suitable Significance level
  • Developing the types of error

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The statistical inference can be used in multiple applications like,

  • Health sector
  • Law and order
  • Administration
  • Environment protection
  • Mobile app security

The Purpose Of Statistical Inference

The main purposes that statistical inference serves include:

  • Resolve Statistical Issues

Our experts develop intelligent statistical inference models that solve complex issues to identify what the structure of a dataset is.

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  • Technical Solutions

The Pixelette team develops statistical inferences that are based on probability and provides accurate results and intelligently solve the problems.

  • Quantification

The statistical inference does not restrict itself to just statistical problems but it is also used to evaluate the performance through its effective quantification process.

  • Cost-Effective

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