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Pros and Cons of Offshore Software Development

Internet and globalization have enabled companies to get their work done from thousands of miles away without being physically present there. This practice is mostly being adopted by software companies.

They are outsourcing their work to offshore software development companies for multiple reasons. With having a lot of advantages and benefits for both parties, this practice has some disadvantages as well.  This blog will have a look at some of the obvious and most common pros and cons of offshore software.



One of the basic reasons why companies outsource their work is that labor is relatively cheaper overseas, Also, by outsourcing, companies save HR management costs, recruitment costs, rents, and logistic expenses. Getting work done at reduced prices has always appealed to companies.

Access to Global Talent and Expertise

Countries with weaker economies and lower wages are also full of talented and skillful individuals. Outsourcing provides the versatility of thoughts and minds as offshore software development companies are operating in different cultural and social settings. Versatility gives rise to innovation and this is what’s required for efficient performance.

Innovation and Quality

It is a known fact that diversity gives rise to innovation. Innovation and quality can be guaranteed as the diverse thinking of people from other countries and companies give rise to new ideas. Innovation and quality are among the major reasons for the popularity of offshore software.

‘Ready to Work’ Development Teams

As a famous saying goes, “time is money. Rather than wasting time and money on hiring more software developers, companies opt to outsource their work to software developers who have all the necessary equipment and are ready to work as soon as they are assigned a task, making offshore software development a better option.


Language Barriers

With English being an international language and the world being a global village, there may still be problems for people communicating in a language other than the one they speak all the time. Offshore software development companies operating in different regions have language barriers obstructing smooth communication.

Difference of Time-zone

The difference in time zones has always been one of the most significant cons of outsourcing work to offshore software companies. Both the companies partnering for a project may have problems in having online meetings and efficiently managing the project. Outsourcing sometimes doesn’t work out and both parties bear losses.

Data Security

In the digital world, data can be one of the most insecure things. There are chances of exploitation and leakage of data by the offshore software company or any software developer of that company. This can have serious consequences for any company.

The companies outsourcing their work should consider all the positive and negative factors before giving work to offshore software development companies to avoid any problems in the future.