Pixelette Technologies


‘Pixelette Technologies’ create a web-based property management system for automating the operations of real estate business, such as construction, financing, mortgage management, property rate, etc. The large-scale real estate industry relies on the advanced property management solution for managing commercial and residential properties.


We digitalize real-estate operational activities

 “Pixelette Technologies” provides an AI-modelled PMS to conduct and control multiple properties at just one platform. It helps you to track your performance, property statistics, accounting, property leasing, marketing, etc. Our competitive approach helps you to make the right decision about property sell or purchase.

Streamline the extensive property details

Our progressive property management system assists the property manager in optimizing exhaustive real-estate tasks, such as online classified tasks, building maintenance, housekeeping, lease tracking, occupancy management, etc. The innovative technology will help you to supervise your real-estate business with better efficiency.