Pixelette Technologies


Pixelette Technologies offers a comprehensive software solution for a range of retail businesses. Whether you own a large-scale business or a small-scale home-based enterprise, our retail AI-based POS software features can serve your unique business needs.

PoS software made for all

Pixelette Technologies’ software automatically inputs any transaction from the POS in the stock. You can see in real-time the availability of products without losing time. Furthermore, the POS is compatible with eCommerce websites. You won’t need to set up separate stocks for the two apps and be a truly multi-channel business, without a headache.

Your digital cashier and manager

We accept that the POS software needs to deal with an entire store. Pixelette Technologies builds the Point of Sales Software that not just makes a transaction, its cost, and makes an exchange, yet additionally deals with the stock. Our product keeps a check on the stock and tells you when an item amount has fallen under a specific level.

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