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Pixelette Technologies is a leading IT company that provides multiple services with the integration of Artificial Intelligence and all other modern technologies. As a leading WordPress development agency, they are aware of the importance of WordPress for modern businesses, which is why they provide some of the most critical and significant services. Different companies provide WordPress services differently and for different purposes. Pixelette Technologies has picked some of the most profitable services for its customers.

Our WordPress services include:

  1. WordPress Web Development

Website development has become the need of the day because of digitization. Every business needs a website to engage more customers and for more sales. Pixelette Technologies, like many other IT companies, uses WordPress to develop websites for businesses, individuals, and organizations. The websites they develop stand-out in terms of interface, usability, and responsiveness, and they attract the most traffic.

  1. WordPress Customization

Regular customization is very necessary to fulfill the needs and requirements of the businesses. Pixelette Technologies provides WordPress website customization services and also custom web development services. This WordPress development agency regularly stays in touch with its customers and partners for effective communication. Communication helps the company to get a clear idea of what the customers look for and what custom changes they want.

  1. WordPress E-Commerce Development

WordPress has become one of the best platforms for web development. Countless websites have been developed on this platform, and e-commerce websites are no exception. E-commerce has changed the way businesses are done, and Pixelette Technologies has adopted all the modern ways of helping businesses. As the most important part of its WordPress services, the company develops the most engaging, appealing, responsive, and user-friendly e-commerce websites that generate unimaginable profits for the businesses.

  1. Theme Customization

Website theme plays a very important part in increasing or decreasing the website traffic, sales, and eventually profits. An appealing and indulging theme makes the website users explore different sections and features of the website, which keeps them engaged in the website. Pixelette Technologies has the most innovative and skillful web developers who are responsible for website theme customization.

  1. Plugin Development

Plugins are a vital addition to WordPress websites. They enhance the productivity of a website with the addition of different impactful features. Pixelette Technologies, as a leading WordPress development agency, is home to expert developers who develop plugins that are compatible with every operating system, device, and different versions of WordPress. They are also secure, SEO-friendly, and user-friendly.

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