The Background

Pip Zero is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project and has created trading robots, smart tools, and their own Crypto Token (PIPZ). The mission of Pip Zero is to create a global crypto service company delivering the highest quality products and services to our clients worldwide. As a result of significant investments in asset-trading platforms, we offer sophisticated analytical tools, smart listing, and extensive trading tools to our clients worldwide. Our company is based in the United States, with branches in Turkey and Cyprus.


While developing the blockchain website, the odds were not in our favour as we had to go through challenges like building the Criminal connection system, security problems, low scalability, and high energy consumption. Our blockchain experts’ primary focus was to complete all the challenges ahead of developing the blockchain website.

Technologies &
In the development of PIP ZERO, the following technologies and
frameworks were used.


Node JS

Tradingview library

Our experts configure all the possible solutions to these challenges and ensure to pull them off without failing to achieve this milestone. We stopped the criminal connection feature off this website to avoid criminal acts, increased the scalability to ease the transaction process, and developed Consensus algorithms to reduce the electricity consumption.


After achieving this milestone, the results are tremendously promising, and the website looks stunning as per the client’s reviews. That enabled our developers to dethrone these challenges with promising results.

The feedback by the Client