Investing Together

In the era of digital finance, asset tokenization emerges as a robust solution for asset management and investment. “Investing Together” is an innovative marketplace that endeavors to bridge the conventional asset market with modern blockchain technology, offering a seamless platform for trading tokenized assets.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies spearheaded the development of “Investing Together,” a groundbreaking marketplace designed to revolutionize asset ownership through tokenization. The platform provides a fluid trading avenue for investors to buy and sell tokenized assets alongside opportunities to earn dividends. The transformation of illiquid assets into fully liquid ones facilitates fractional ownership across various asset types, including real estate and farmland. Moreover, Investing Together assists enterprises in creating and selling tokens representing their real-world assets online, embodying simplicity and efficiency.


Features Developed

Pixelette Technologies developed a suite of features for Investing Together, including:
  • NFT Marketplace: A digital marketplace for trading tokenized assets.
  • Smart Contracts (ERC 721 & ERC 1155): Backend contracts ensuring secure transactions and asset tokenization.
  • NFT Staking Module: A feature allowing investors to stake their NFTs.
  • Wallet Connect: Secure wallet connection for managing digital assets.
  • KYC: Know Your Customer module ensuring user authenticity.
  • NFT Listing and Minting: Features for listing and creating new NFTs.
  • User Management: A robust system for managing user profiles and activities.
  • Admin Panel: A comprehensive admin panel for managing the platform.

Problem Statement

Traditional asset markets often encumber investors with illiquid assets, making buying and selling cumbersome. Additionally, fractional ownership of high-value assets like real estate is nearly impossible. Enterprises also face challenges in moving their assets to an online platform.

Technical Solutions

Utilizing React JS for website development, ERC 721 and ERC 1155 for smart contract development, and other cutting-edge technologies, Pixelette Technologies ensured a robust, secure, and efficient platform that caters to modern investors’ needs.

Results and Benefits

Investing Together is a robust platform enabling fluid trading of tokenized assets, making asset ownership more accessible and manageable. Enterprises can effortlessly tokenize and list their assets, opening new revenue channels and better asset management.


The successful development of Investing Together by Pixelette Technologies marks a significant stride towards modernized asset management and trading. It embodies how blockchain technology can be leveraged to solve traditional market challenges, heralding a new era of digital asset management.