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Pinterest Has a New Code of Conduct All Users Have to Follow

Pinterest has some new features

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The social media website Pinterest has announced that it is going to soon apply a mandatory code of conduct on the website which will be geared at creating and maintaining a positive user experience for all those who choose to become part of the website.

These rules or code of conduct points will determine the nature of the content that users will be allowed to post on to the website.

This set of rules is going to be called the Creator code.

Users will have to agree to the Creator code before they can be able to post content on the website.

Pinterest has some new features

Alongside the Creator code, Pinterest is also releasing moderator tools to the website that will maintain the comment feed and make sure that the comments made on any post are friendly and free from hate speech and or vulgarity.

Pinterest is also taking steps to create a Creator fund through which the website will be able to pay content publishers.

Pinterest has released the following statement in regards to its Creator code:

The Creator Code is a mandatory set of guidelines that lives within our product intended to educate and build community around making inclusive and compassionate content. It is intended to be proactive and empowering for Creators, rather than reactive and reprimanding.” 

Changes in Pinterest

The Creator code is built around some ideas which include:

Being kind, checking facts, being aware of triggers, practising inclusion and doing no harm.

Pinterests’ moderator tools include new spam prevention signals, positivity reminders and control over deleting and highlighting comments of a Creator’s choosing. Pinterest is also working on creating a fund for supporting creators from unrepresented communities.

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