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Our Extensive Lead Generation Services!

Pixelette Technologies offers top-notch leads generating packages that produce 100% success guaranteed results. For an uprising small business, we provide a basic lead generation services package that is used to generate qualified leads through persistent 100 calls and 200 emails.

On the other hand, we offer a standard package that comes with social media usage to find leads and turn them into a sale. 

Lastly, we have a premium package that involves a series of social media platforms used as well as SEO with 100 keywords. 

Convert 7 Billion People into Leads 

Similarly, We select the top leads by going through multiple stages. We’ll help you generate more leads by utilizing our AI-based tools.

Moreover, the interesting part is 7 BILLION DEMANDS CAN BE CONVERTED INTO SUPER HOT LEADS THROUGH US! We deliver leads that matter, leads that convert! 

Our Lead Generation Services Paradigm 

If you received prospect contact information from your competitors, such as email addresses and social media profiles, it would be a big advantage over your competitors. Using this data, you can do the following:

  • Direct Calling through Calling Agents (The best form of 1 to 1 sale)  
  • Email Marketing (They could be potentially 1000s) 
  • Social Media Paid Campaigns

Stop Wasting Heaps of Money on Paid Marketing 

Throughout the past 26 months, we have built a reputation in this field and helped numerous clients reach their goals.

Thanks to our AI tools, we are now able to deliver tons of leads directly to our inboxes without any hassle. 

Extract Qualified leads 

The social media followers of your company allow us to generate qualified leads that are qualified leads.

Moreover, the hottest leads are shortlisted from these leads. Leads through numerous processes to shortlist the best leads per our client’s requirements, known as the super-hot leads.

How Do We Approach our Prospects? 

We train our call agents in-depth and allow the client to educate them further about the product.

As soon as you are satisfied with the knowledge and expertise of our agents, our experts will use their vast experience to convert the leads according to the procedures they set.

The equipment and VoIP system is world-class, which also plays a vital role in converting a lead into sales. The agent will make about 150+ calls a day to the super-hot leads. Working 8 hours a day.

We are talking about one agent! To let you know, we have a highly dedicated and loud group of agents waiting to handle your requests.

If you reached or invited 3000 new prospects a month, it would be great.  What are your chances of even coming close to that number?

We will contact 36000 new prospects over the next year via our calling agent. It is hard to comprehend. 

Other Ways to Generate Leads 

Email- By studying what our prospects and audiences do, we create Email Marketing campaigns that are tailored to each of them.

Pixelette Technologies’ content writers are highly experienced and produce quality content.

Sending emails to your targeted audience is handled by one email marketing agency. From the tool of marketing god, we will use email addresses.

For paid social media campaigns, we can obtain better results on social media channels with our data than creating an audience with the provided demographic information.

The risks associated with it, however, make it our least favorite method of engaging our audience.

Brand Awareness/ Social Media Marketing

Since sales and lead generation are becoming increasingly expensive, social media marketing only serves as brand awareness. Using social media channels to generate leads does not seem wise to us.

The facts and research we use to form our perspective are the only factors. Similarly, We have Graphic Designers, Motion Designers, and Social Media experts familiar with various methods of connecting with customers using social media. Utilizing the insight into trends that will be hot before others do, they have an edge over their competitors

What Makes us Different? 

We are providing the offers for almost half the cost (you can do the calculation yourself), without compromising the quality. It speaks for itself how lead generation services works.

We have tested our services multiple times to ensure that they deliver extraordinary results. In order to achieve outstanding results, our teams understand the best practices for executing strategies.

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