Big Innovation Centre

Big Innovation Centre stands as a beacon of innovation, engaging eminent figures from multinational corporations, scale-ups, the science community, and the public sector. With its innovative IPs and a reputation as a multiple award-winning think tank, it orchestrates critical discussions and offers top-notch innovation services to drive the future success of businesses and society.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies partnered with Big Innovation Centre, a prestigious hub for innovation and thought leadership, to expand its digital footprint through Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Direct Outreach. As a convener of global leaders from diverse sectors, Big Innovation Centre sought to amplify its online presence, engage a wider audience, and foster fruitful discussions around technology and innovation. Our bespoke digital strategies significantly elevated Big Innovation Centre’s online visibility, engagement, and fostered a vibrant community around its innovative endeavors.


Navigating the digital sphere to extend the reach of its thought leadership and innovative services amidst a plethora of online platforms and communities posed a significant challenge. The task at hand was to distinctly position Big Innovation Centre and engender engaging online dialogues around innovation.

Goals of the marketing project:

The primary aim was to bolster Big Innovation Centre’s online visibility, engage a broader audience through social media, and facilitate direct connections with innovation enthusiasts and stakeholders.

Market Analysis

Target Audience Identification

Target audience included innovation enthusiasts, industry leaders, policy-makers, and academicians interested in the intersection of technology, business, and societal progress.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing competitors revealed a number of organizations and platforms engaging in innovation dialogues, underlining the need to accentuate Big Innovation Centre’s unique value proposition and prestigious community.

Market Trends

The rising global interest in technological innovations and the convergence of academia and industry were identified as pertinent market trends.

Marketing Strategy


SMM, SEO, and Direct Outreach were employed as primary channels to enhance online visibility, engage the target audience, and foster direct connections.


Conducted campaigns promoting Big Innovation Centre's events, innovative IPs, and discussions, to attract and engage potential collaborators and the broader innovation community.

Content Strategy

Developed engaging content showcasing Big Innovation Centre’s IPs, thought leadership, and collaborative discussions, disseminated through social media, blogs, and targeted outreach.


Technology Utilization

Utilized advanced analytics, SEO tools, and social media platforms to optimize campaign performance, track engagement metrics, and foster vibrant online discussions.

Team Collaboration

A harmonious collaboration between Pixelette Technologies and Big Innovation Centre ensured alignment with the brand’s ethos and effective execution of marketing strategies.

Performance Metrics

Traffic and Engagement Metrics

The initiatives resulted in a notable increase in website traffic, social media engagement, and participation in online discussions and events.

Lead Generation

The enhanced online visibility coupled with engaging social media presence catalyzed lead generation, opening avenues for collaboration and participation.

ROI Analysis

Positive ROI underscored the cost-effectiveness and impact of the digital marketing strategies employed.


Performance Optimization

Continuous optimizations were carried out based on performance analytics to improve online visibility, engagement, and lead conversion.

Learning and Insights

The project offered insights into effective digital engagement strategies within the innovation and technology community.

The feedback by the Client

Client Testimonials

Positive testimonials reflected an appreciation for the enriched online engagement and the vibrant community fostered around Big Innovation Centre’s initiatives.