Noosa Open Studios Mobile Application

Noosa Open Studios collaborated with Pixelette Technologies to enhance their annual art trail event’s accessibility and experience through a mobile platform.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies developed the Noosa Open Studios Mobile Application, a digital guide that enriches the cultural experience of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast art trail. The app features insights into artists’ studios and assists in navigation.


Project Objective

  • Create an app showcasing over 100 artists and their creative processes.
  • Provide user-friendly navigational support for the art trail.


  • Integrating detailed information on numerous artists.
  • Developing an effective navigation system for the art trail.
  • Crafting an engaging and easy-to-use interface.

Pixelette Technologies' Approach

  • Assembled a comprehensive database for artist profiles.
  • Incorporated a sophisticated navigation feature for efficient route planning.
  • Designed a captivating and intuitive user interface.


  • Successfully launched the app, enhancing the Noosa Open Studios Art Trail experience.
  • Earned praise for its user-friendly navigation and detailed artist profiles.


The client valued the app for its navigational ease and extensive artist information.
The Noosa Open Studios Mobile Application, developed by Pixelette Technologies, played a crucial role in transforming the Noosa Open Studios Art Trail into an accessible, informative, and immersive cultural journey.