Launching NFTs to success

Welcome to Pixelette Technologies, where we will launch your Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into the digital stratosphere. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your business needs to create a fully customised launchpad. Our user-friendly launchpads allow our clients to launch, manage and promote their NFTs. We are here to help you every step of the way.
NFT launchpad features
Here are some features of our developed NFT launchpads. Our NFT launchpads come standard with all the convenient features required in this digital world:

Token creation

The capability to create and mint new NFTs on the platform enables users to generate new NFTs and specify their properties such as the name, symbol, metadata, and smart contract.

Token management

A feature that allows the owner of the NFTs to manage and track the token ownership, metadata, and other information. This feature allows the owner to view the current token holders, transfer tokens, and update the metadata associated with the token.

Token sale

Our platform allows selling or auctioning of NFTs on the platform. This feature enables both creators and holders to list their NFTs for sale or auction on the platform, with the option of setting either a fixed price or a bid-based auction.

Token distribution

It is a feature that allows NFTs to be distributed among the holders of the token. This also allows for a fair distribution of NFTs among holders, such as through airdrops or other distribution methods.

Token discovery

A feature that allows users to discover new and interesting NFTs on the platform. This feature allows users to browse and discover NFTs by category, creator or other criteria, helping them find new and interesting content.

Token wallet

A secure digital wallet that enables users to store, manage, and transfer their NFTs. This feature allows users to store and access their NFTs from a secure and easy-to-use interface.

Token promotion

This feature allows creators to promote their NFTs to a wider audience, increasing visibility and reach. This feature could include the ability to create and share marketing campaigns, social media integrations and other promotional tools.

Token analytics

This feature gives insights about the NFTs and its holders, such as the total supply, holders, transfers and more. This feature allows creators and holders to track the performance of their NFTs, understand who is buying and selling them. This allows data-driven decisions to be made.

Token staking

Pixelette Technologies enables users to stake NFTs to get rewards or benefits from the platform, This feature allows users to stake their NFTs to receive rewards, access exclusive content or other benefits, depending on the platform's ecosystem.

Token liquidity

This feature allows the NFTs to be easily bought and sold on the platform, increasing liquidity and making it easier for users to trade. This could include integrating with decentralised exchanges, liquidity pools or other liquidity providers to ensure fast and easy trades for the users.

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Use cases of our NFT launchpads
NFT launchpads developed by Pixelette Technologies have a variety of use cases and applications.
Therefore, our developed NFT launchpads can be utilised for a variety of industries, such as:

Digital collectibles

Pixelette Technologies’ NFT launchpads can be used to create, manage and sell digital collectibles, such as trading cards, game items, and other unique digital assets on the blockchain network.

Art and media

Our NFT launchpads can be used to mint, sell and promote digital art, music, video, and other types of media. This allows creators to monetise their work while collectors can own unique and verifiable digital assets.


NFT launchpads can be used to create and sell in-game items, such as weapons, armour, and other virtual assets. This allows game developers to monetise their games and players to own unique and valuable items.

Virtual real estate

Creation, buying and selling virtual real estate is another interesting use case for our NFT launchpads. Our launchpad platforms cover virtual buildings, virtual land, among other virtual assets.

Loyalty and rewards

Our NFT launchpads can also be used for reward and loyalty programs. Users can create, manage and distribute tokens, such as for use in loyalty programs, reward schemes as well as other incentivisation programs.

Identity and authentication

NFT launchpads can be used to mint and manage digital identities. This allows individuals and organisations to easily prove the ownership and authenticity of their digital assets as well as their information.

Virtual event

Creating, managing, and selling virtual event tickets is another interesting use for NFT launchpads. This allows event organisers to monetise their events. Moreover, attendees can own verifiable and unique digital assets.

Certificates and accreditation

Another use case for NFT launchpads is that they can be used to create, manage and distribute digital certificates for education, accreditation, or professional development. This allows individuals to easily prove their qualifications and employers to verify credentials.

Financing and investment

Pixelette Technologies' NFT launchpads can be used to create and manage tokens for financing and investment purposes, such as for crowdfunding, initial coin offerings alongside other financial instruments.

Supply chain and logistics

NFT launchpads can be used to create, manage and track digital assets in supply chain and logistics. This can include tracking the movement of goods and ensuring the authenticity of products. This ensures the smooth movement of goods throughout the whole shipping process.

Our development process
Our step-by-step development process for your NFT launchpad is carefully carried out by our expert team. We normally create your NFT launchpad in the following steps:
Our first step is to identify a clear vision and goals for the NFT launchpad. This includes researching the current NFT market and identifying potential target audiences. The next step is to define the features and functionality of the launchpad. This includes creating a project plan and timeline.
The design and development stage includes designing the user interface and user experience of the launchpad. We develop the smart contracts for the launchpad on the blockchain and integrate third-party APIs or services. Additionally, testing and debugging the launchpad is an important step in this stage to ensure that the NFT launchpad is functioning properly.
Here, the launchpad is deployed to the blockchain network. The next step is to monitor the launchpad for any issues or bugs. Updating the launchpad with new features or bug fixes is an important step in this stage. Additionally, providing customer support and addressing any user feedback is crucial to ensure that the launchpad is meeting the needs of its users
Data is collected on user behaviour and usage of the launchpad. This data is analysed to identify areas for improvement. The launchpad is then optimised based on the data analysis. Continuously monitoring the usage of the launchpad to ensure that it meets the needs of the users is an important step in this stage.
Why choose Pixelette Technologies?
We have developed a variety of NFT launchpads for our clients. Here are some interesting reasons why so many clients select Pixelette Technologies and keep coming back to us:
Experienced team
Pixelette Technologies has significant experience in creating and launching successful NFT platforms, as well as expertise in blockchain technology and smart contract development. Our experience empowers clients with confidence in our ability to deliver a high-quality, reliable NFT launchpad.
We design and develop user-friendly interfaces that are easy for users to navigate and interact with. This can help to increase the adoption and usage of the NFT staking platform.
User-friendly interface
Pixelette Technologies can help you create a platform that is able to handle a large volume of users and transactions, ensuring that the platform is able to scale as demand grows.
Awards & Recognitions
Pixelette Technologies has received numerous accolades for our innovative approach to the NFT market and our commitment to providing a seamless user experience. Some of our most notable awards include:
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Frequently ask questions
An NFT launchpad is a platform that helps creators and artists to launch, mint and sell their NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) to a global audience. It provides a user-friendly interface along with all the necessary tools to mint, list, and sell NFTs. This includes smart contract deployment and integration with various marketplaces.
Our NFT launchpad is built with a focus on user experience, making it easy for creators and artists to mint and sell their NFTs. We also provide a range of customisable templates to make the minting process even simpler. Additionally, our platform is fully integrated with several marketplaces and wallets, making it easy for our users to access a large audience and take advantage of the growing NFT market.
Our platform supports all types of NFTs, including digital art, collectibles, gaming items, virtual real estate and more. We also support different file formats such as images, audio, video, 3D models and more.
We charge a small fee for minting and listing NFTs on our platform. This fee is used to cover the cost of deploying and maintaining the smart contract. Likewise, the cost of integrating with various marketplaces and wallets is also covered. We also charge a small transaction fee on every NFT sale.
The process is simple and straightforward. First, you will need to sign up and create an account on our platform. Then, you can use our templates or create a custom listing for your NFT. Once your NFT is minted, it can be listed on our platform and various marketplaces. You can then set a price and accept offers for your NFT.
Yes, you can mint and sell multiple NFTs on our platform. You can also create a collection of NFTs to be sold as a set.
Once your NFT is sold, the proceeds will be credited to your account on our platform. You can then withdraw the proceeds to your wallet or external marketplace account.