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Pixelette Technologies is recognized globally as a leading NFT token development company. From collaborative brainstorming and creative out-of-the box NFT marketplace concepts we thrive in creating innovative use cases that solve complex problems using NFTs backed by solid utility.
NFT Development Services
As a reputable NFT development agency, we offer a comprehensive range of NFT development services that support the creation and management of non-fungible tokens. Our team of certified NFT developers provide outstanding services that ensure customer satisfaction.

NFT Strategy

We thrive in providing comprehensive NFT business plans that outline the goals, objectives, and tactics for creating and managing NFTs. This can include identifying target markets, analyzing competitors, and determining the best blockchain for your NFT platform.

NFT Design

Our digital artists at Pixelette Technologies can create stunning, unique and abstract artwork animations along with a range of interactive features for your NFTs. We are immensely creative when it comes to NFT artwork development, from creating aesthetically pleasing visuals and easy to understand user interface elements, we let our imagination run wild when building your NFT platform.

NFT Development and Implementation

As a leading NFT development agency, Pixelette Technologies can create, develop and deploy your NFTs. From creating smart contracts, designing a sleek user interface, selecting the appropriate blockchain network, and launching your NFTs on any NFT trading platform, there is nothing we can’t handle.

Deployment and Maintenance

Once your NFT is deployed on the blockchain, our NFT development company can provide ongoing NFT development solutions for stability and security, you can rely on us to undertake tasks such as smart contract audits, bug fixes, network upgrades, etc.

NFT Development
Pixelette Technologies can develop cutting-edge solutions for your NFT project, including white-label NFT marketplace development, custom smart contract development, ordinals, and much more. Our global specialists are recognised for developing unique NFT marketplace platform development solutions tailored to your use cases’ specific needs.
Our NFT development
NFT Analysis & data collection

As a leading NFT development agency we focus on market segmentation, target audience profiling, and ensure that the NFTs resonate with that particular segment.


Unique NFT content strategy

After extensive primary and secondary research our NFT consulting services will create a unique strategy to enhance your NFT platform’s appeal and user acceptance.


NFT UI/UX design

Our UX/UI experts will create unique designs that ensure an outstanding user experience before NFT platform development takes place.


NFT Development

Our developers are skilled in the ERC-721, ERC-721A, ERC-1155, and other latest standards along with IPFS protocols. We will choose the framework that best fits your goals for NFT tokenization.


NFT Launch

After thorough testing and the client’s approval, we will then launch the digital assets. They will now be deployed onto the appropriate blockchain’s mainnet and be featured in any NFT marketplace or NFT trading platform.

Why choose Pixelette Technologies to develop your NFTs?

Less expenses

Repetitive clients

Genuine Reviews


Affordable solutions

Pixelette Technologies offers affordable NFT development solutions that deliver scalable and optimal results. Our NFT marketplace development services are customized to fit any budget.


At Pixelette Technologies we believe transparency is the key in providing efficient NFT development services. We ensure transparency through weekly meetings keeping clients engaged for clarity in the work provided.


We have a flexible work pattern that offers 24/7 support to our clients, whether it is for NFT game development services or white label NFT marketplace development, you can count on Pixelette Technologies to provide the assistance needed especially when it’s a product launch.


Our certified NFT developers understand and acknowledge the importance of time. Therefore, our efficient NFT minting and NFT development services process will ensure your NFT collection/platform is launched rapidly.


As a trusted NFT marketplace development agency, Pixelette Technologies guarantee full NFT support whilst maintaining the confidentiality of your project. Clients will receive our NFT consulting services without compromising privacy.

Blockchain technology expertise

Unparalleled experience in NFTs makes us an industry pioneer. Our highly-skilled NFT developers leverage their exceptional knowledge of blockchain technology to help you realize your NFT assets or NFT Platform.


Whether a NFT game development project or an NFT wallet development project, Pixelette Technologies guarantees focused results that meet the goalposts and deadlines set in order to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

Our NFT development Tech Stack
Pixelette Technologies specialises in outstanding NFT creation and exceptional platforms for displaying digital assets. Our professional team stays current with the latest NFT trends and standards.
Blockchain platforms







Front-End frameworks







NFT standards

ERC - 721



TRC - 721

ERC - 1155


Programming languages







Cloud-based platforms




Kaleido Insights

Storage platforms





What are NFTs
used For?
In the growing digitized world, NFTs have become extremely popular, we thrive to provide the best NFT development services. Here are some interesting examples:
Crypto collectibles

Our NFT collectibles development team can create rare images, digital coins and similar non-fungible digital assets.


Pixelette Technologies Metaverse NFT marketplace development services can tokenize your Metaverse assets.

Academic credentials

Attendance management, degree awarding, and academic credit assignment can all be facilitated by NFTs.

Defi NFTs

Defi stands for Decentralized Finance. Our NFT integration with DeFi services can facilitate the use of NFTs for loans or trading.

Virtual land

Our NFT tokenization service extends to virtual real estate making buying, bidding, and exchanging digital assets for virtual land and actual land, a seamless experience.

Supply chain management

Goods being transported can be allotted unique NFTs. This NFT-enabled tracking system allows for more efficient management. Furthermore, no external influence can alter a product's distinct NFT.

Real estate

NFTs have proven to be instrumental in streamlining real estate transactions while also simplifying the process. Documents, property records, changes of ownership, etc. can all be timestamped with NFTs, providing indisputable proof of ownership.

Intellectual property

Your intellectual property can be safeguarded by NFTs. Therefore, your patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc. can all be recorded by NFTs while remaining secure.

Digital identity

Government-issued identifications, such as national IDs, driver's licenses, and passports, can be tagged with NFTs. The NFT blockchain technology will safeguard the information, making it impervious to any tampering attempts.

Medical records

Healthcare professionals and hospitals can leverage the power of NFTs and blockchain technology to maintain flawless accuracy of medical records. Ensuring secure health data management, a key benefit of using NFTs in the healthcare industry.

Gaming industry

Pixelette Technologies' NFT game development team can tokenize in-game items, such as weapons, skins, character equipment, and more.

Fashion accessories

Lead the fashion industry by tokenizing your fashion products with NFTs. These fashion NFTs will inform your audience that you not only remain ahead of the trend, but you set new trends as well.

Awards & Recognitions
Pixelette Technologies has an excellent track record in providing outstanding services for all clients. Our NFT development team has earned a variety of awards in various categories.
Frequently Asked Sections (FAQs)
The time required to create an NFT solution depends upon the desired product. The size and composition of the development team, technology, tools, etc. all account for project time.
The cost of NFT development services depends on multiple conditions. Project complexity, team size, project size, selected standards as well as different selected tools and technologies will all affect your NFT development costs.
The Pixelette Technologies team consists of highly skilled NFT and blockchain experts. They utilise their experience to gather accurate data about the current NFT market trends. Also, the best technology backed up by our team’s outstanding skill level allows us to provide first-class NFT solutions.
Absolutely. Our talented team can help clients develop whitelabel NFT marketplaces. These marketplaces can offer music, art, coins, tokens, etc. for buying, selling as well as trading.